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Two seemingly related issues:

Facebook doesn't show the track that was actually played

When copying and pasting a track URI from Spotify the pasted track is not what was copied in Spotify.


Additional information

From the original thread:

"When I listen to music it shows music I don't even listen to... It's pretty odd o-o
I've found one track in particular that is reading wrongPhilter – The Protagonist which is reading as Groove Armada – My Friend.


I also know a lot of friends music has been doing the same. It's really odd o-o"


More screenshots are also available in the original thread.



2013-01-10: Added information that it might not only be Facebook; rather Spotify providing wrong info for played/copied tracks

2013-03-05: This was resolved.



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I think this is happening to me as well. I initially thought it might be someone who had hacked my account but connections have been reset and I have changed my password twice on a secure machine so I doubt it's that. I just played 'All the Madmen' by David Bowie and it came up as 'In the Crowd' by The Jam. I have several other examples from yesterday.


There is definitely something strange going on with activity logging in Facebook. Below is a screen-shot of an excerpt from my activity log (on January 4th) where I was playing the Flight of the Conchords album from start to finish and as you can see there are two bogus tracks (highlighted in red) that I never played. I have a few other examples as well. Can't see any pattern right now to tie them together.


Screenshot from 2013-01-09 19:05:46.png


Happening to me too.  Todd Rungren's album Something/Anything?: the first track shows on Facebook as a Scissor Sisters song, the second as something similarly random and awful that I have never, ever listened to.


Not just on facebook. Some tracks are being redirected as others completely unrelated. I right-clicked on a song right now and copied the HTTP link, pasted it into my browser and some other song's page came back.


This is supposed to be Coldplay's A Rush of Blood to the Head not some Björk song: Coldplay – A Rush Of Blood To The Head


Further to my earlier post...


I have found that the bogus tracks I am seeing in the Facebook activity log are not being scobbled to last.fm.


Those two tracks in my earlier post do no show up in last.fm which just shows that I listened to the whole album, as I said earlier. Other bogus tracks that I have found in my Facebook activity log are also not registered by last.fm.


p.s. It's a bit irritating that you seem to have disabled the ability to edit your own earlier posts in this forum. I would have preferred to add this extra information to my original post but I can't.


Listening to another Todd Rungren album, Faithful - track 4 (which should be Most Likely you'll Go Your Way and I'll Go Mine), shows up as I Wonder Why by Curtis Stigers on Facebook.


I have embarrassing enough listening tastes without random crappery like this being thrown into the mix...


Same issue. 

"Take Everything"  and "Looking On Down From the Bridge" by Mazzy Star are showing in my Facebook app activity as "Fear of A Black Planet" by Porcupine Tree, and "Silent Treatment" by The Roots. 

It's funny and all but it's also incredibly annoying. 




Same problem on my side.

From today all track on my facebook activity box is wrong.


"Music" tab and "spotify" tab on facebook still also empty : http://community.spotify.com/t5/Desktop-Windows/Won-t-Post-to-Facebook/td-p/6025/page/33


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This is happening for me too! I couldn't tell you specifically which tracks it's mis registering but I've been having a solid Radiohead listen and Facebook's saying I'm listening to Jimmy Eat World... very bizarre.


Same here.

All the data in the music sections of the Facebook timeline has also disappeared.