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[Facebook][Spotify] Showing wrong tracks

Status: Fixed

Thread: 241060

Status: Resolved


Two seemingly related issues:

Facebook doesn't show the track that was actually played

When copying and pasting a track URI from Spotify the pasted track is not what was copied in Spotify.


Additional information

From the original thread:

"When I listen to music it shows music I don't even listen to... It's pretty odd o-o
I've found one track in particular that is reading wrongPhilter – The Protagonist which is reading as Groove Armada – My Friend.


I also know a lot of friends music has been doing the same. It's really odd o-o"


More screenshots are also available in the original thread.



2013-01-10: Added information that it might not only be Facebook; rather Spotify providing wrong info for played/copied tracks

2013-03-05: This was resolved.



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Same Problem I am having Showing many different incorrect tracks on my feed, Lots of tracks so many it is just a major bug that needs fixiing. I have had at least 10 songs or more today that were incorrect in the playlist window. Some are ok, very strange.


@Kara88 wrote:

Listening to another Todd Rungren album, Faithful - track 4 (which should be Most Likely you'll Go Your Way and I'll Go Mine), shows up as I Wonder Why by Curtis Stigers on Facebook.


I have embarrassing enough listening tastes without random crappery like this being thrown into the mix...

Apparently, I was listening to "Thong Song".. while at work! This is so annoying!


Me too. this is embarrassing. I was listening to death metal from Finland and it showed up as 21 seconds ago that I was listening to Ricky Martin....when 21 seconds before that (more like 2 hours before) I was listenin to the other music. WT???

Meaning WHO is in my account??? paid acct at that... come on Spotify...answer!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Here's another wrongly displayed track on FB (in the vain hope that someone is actually trying to pinpoint the problem and fix it..:


Age of Consent by New Order (on the Power, Corruption and Lies album)  is displaying as They Say by Common, John Legend and Kanye West.


How do I actually log this bug with Spotify, as opposed to just posting on this Forum? Ta.


UPDATE: Lots of tracks on this album display wrongly... fed up of listing individual tracks tho...


Yep, signed up on this forum just to mention this. Happened for these tracks


Drema Police by Cheap Trick was listed as A Farewell to Kings by Rush

Stop Whispering by Radiohead was listed as Lover I Don't Have to Love by Bright Eyes

Satan's Fall by Mercyful Fate was listed as Omens by King Diamond

And Melissa by Mercyful Fate was listed as See You On the Other Side by Ozzy Osbourne


Anyway to fix this?


In a way, yes, there is a way to fix this. Here's the story: I like to use the Share This method for Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr, but on Facebook it is more often than not innacurate. So I only share on Twitter and Tumblr with that method, and for Facebook I use the Get HTTP Link method (left click the track to see the option) then go to Facebook and paste it in. Has been accurate so far.


To be Honest - Fix it' ' It's a bug, or a very clever business deal that is going on..

Because you can get the idea that this a business related thing, that is going on with SPotify..   

It has a Commercial value for the Band/Record Company that own the showed track., but i don't want to be related to any Music that i don't like or don't know, and my Friends shouldn't have the Idea, that i'm listing to wierd stuff, just becase of this Bug/Deal. I'm a DJ/Artist with a lots of DJ friends and Fans

And i'm not going to pay for free commarcials in my name, that's why i'm a Premium Member..

SO get this Fixed soon.. at least reply that you will doit, otherwise i will stop my account instantly, and i hope more people will do that as well..

SPotify is a need thing, but I've got several Music streaming places, that i can choose from, for the same amount of money, and it will be the same i tell you, so  Get it fixed  SPotify..

or we have to do something about it.. because this isn't right!!


Thank goodness for that, I thought I was going mad!

Over the last few weeks I've had a lot of tracks showing up in my history that I've never listened to and they show up in the middle of a playlist as I'm listening to it. It's not interrupting the music but it's a bit unnerving to think someone or something might have hacked into my profile (especially as I'm a paid premium member, how secure are our financial details btw..?) and I'm sick of people poking fun at me when Coldplay or Britney Spears shows up on my Facebook page. It even does this when my profile is supposedly set to a private session or when I'm not on either Facebook or Spotify.

Please fix the bug guys...


It keeps doing this to me too, but for almost every song I play.  I am listening to AIr's album 20,000 Hz Legend and every song dispays as a different artist.