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Family/Duo Mix doesn't show up


Family Premium/Premium




Computer, Iphone and android.

Operating System

Windows 10, Iphone 6S and Oneplus5


My Question or Issue


Family Mix! Doesn't show up on my spotify or my partner's Spotify. We have tried, computer and cellphone neither can find Family Mix!
Please do NOT link me to (That page does not tell me how to find my family mix playlist when its not existing.)


Thank you.


Hey everyone,


We know this was reported a long time ago and we set its status to Not Right Now, because it wasn't something we could resolve immediately, but it hasn't been forgotten.


We’re happy to say that this should now be fixed for everyone! Just make sure your app is updated to the latest version.


If you're still having trouble, make sure to post a new thread in the relevant help board here.


Thank you all once more for your patience on this one.


Take care!


Hey @Shizuzeru, welcome to the Community.

Hope you're doing great!

I'd suggest checking this article for more help.


Thanks 🙂

No. Just no.
I said "Please do NOT link me to this page." Then you do so! I will assume you are a bot.

Hey @Shizuzeru,


Sorry about that 🙂


It should explain how though:

Note: Family Mix needs to get to know you first. If you’re new to Spotify, it might take around 2 weeks of listening before it fills with songs based on your music taste.


Give it's time, as other users with the same issue got their help from it.


Hope it helps.


In my desktop app, Family Mix is listed in MadeForYou and then at the bottom in Even More section. You can also follow that playlist and it should end up on the right sidepanel.


This link This worked for me. It should open from here.


Hi @tintin10q,


Thanks for jumping in with a solution that worked out for you! 


@mike206, thanks for sharing! We're happy to see Spotify users helping each other.


To all the others: let us know if these suggestions helped you out in finding your Family Mix!


Keep us posted!

Is this supposed to show my family mix? Cause I'm pretty sure that my family doesn't listen these songs 😞
I mean If it supposed to show us some new songs that we might like these songs are not similar with our taste and we have been using Spotify for like 5-6 months I just saw there is something called family mix I couldn't find it also in the link they sent me it says there is a technical problem about my list
What should I do have any ideas?


I think that the FM in one of the replies is a private FM of that user and for anyone else would be just like any other playlist.


If you want to enable your custom FamilyMix start by going through official pages of Family Mix on Spotify's site. I can't tell you exactly where to look for what in the app, because I've forgotten since I did it the first time. But the first thing you need to do is to add people into your family mix. This is not automatically done for all your accounts there from the start. Then if you navigate to FM on your mobile you will see the songs with user avatar. Those songs are, as far as I know, the songs you've listened to and/or liked the most. Not the ones 'you might like to check it out' - that's discover weekly. 


That's all I could've guessed from your post. Try to use more punctuation in your posts because we (esp. non native English speakers) don't quite know how to separate your sentences 🙂 OP's problem was where to find Family Mix in the user interface. Probably your problem is something else.


Also from my perspective, having it used for 3 months now, it has its glitches. Sometimes it has a look of regular playlist - no user avatars and no chill/upbeat buttons. Maybe it crashed on your account.

Oh sorry for not using punctuation. I myself non native English speaker 🙂
I tried to find my problems topic but i couldn't find it. I know my family mix supposed to show what we listen but when i clicked that FM i tought it will show our mix 😅. Then i suspected that "is this supposed to show what we might like am i wrong"
Thank you for your help may i ask i only saw 1 page for official family mix and it says "We’re having technical issues. Please try again later." So I cant add people to FM
I checked other mixes and lists, i couldnt find any problem with them i mean non of them is FM. I dont know what to search for that technical problem. It was kinda complicated for me to tell you I hope you understand me. And thank you so much for answering