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Family Mix song influence not showing

I use the family mix quite a bit and a useful feature on the phone app is to click the user icons to see which family members listening habits influenced the song being included.


Since last week on the Android app, this no longer works, click on the user icons at the side and a blank page opens up with close at the bottom. I notice the app was also updated 29th April in the Google Play store, could be coincidence or the update has broken this feature on the android app. I'm using a Galaxy S10+.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app, no change.


The iPhone app still seems to work properly.

Hey everyone,


Thank you for all the reports so far.


We just wanted to let you know that our developers know about this and they're investigating. Just as a heads up, we’re not able to confirm if or when this will be resolved, but we'll let you know as soon as we do.


For now, we recommend keeping your Spotify app up-to-date to guarantee you get the latest features and fixes. 


Thanks again!


Same situation for me on android (Pixel 3) was working then recently stopped.


I subscribe to this issue, it persists on two of my mobile devices (android)


Same issue on 3 android devices on my family group.


There was at least one app update, but the issue is still there. There also hasn't been any update that the devs are looking into the issue, some sort of a heads-up would be great.

Hi guys! Thank you for reaching out to the Community! Can you guys restart your Phone?

If restarting doesn't help you. You can try Clean reinstall on the Spotify App? Sometimes it is more effective than just uninstall and reinstall the App. Link:

Hope to hear from you guys to see how it went. Hope this helps!

Hi, I tried a clean install per the instructions but same issue as before on Android.

I think there have been at least 2 app updates since this issue started for me in April.


Hi there. Can you also try using a different device such as Mac, Window, or Linux whichever one you have? Spotify allows you to have up to 3 separate devices with the same account. Also, you also make sure you are Joining the Family Mix? 'Cause the family mix could not be showing because you might not be joined. And if you are not joined please follow the step below with a laptop or desktop whichever one you have.

Step 1: Go to your overall Profile(edit your email, name, BOD, etc.
Step 2: Go to Premium Family (3rd list on the left column)
Step 3: Click on it
Step 4: Go all the way down until you see "Join Family Mix"
Step 5: Now go to your account and should work

If none of these work I suggest you contact Spotify at <snip - Moderator Edit> or Spotify twitter @SpotifyCares on Twitter who are happy to help, additional contact information about Spotify is in the link below: It redirects to the About Page > Option 3 - Offers the Contact Form and Option 4

Hope these steps help you with your issues with your Family Mix.

Same for me.
Status changed to: Under investigation

Hey folks,


Thanks for reporting this to us!


We can confirm the right team is aware of this and they're looking into it. If you’re experiencing this issue, make sure to add your +VOTE and subscribe to this thread so that you'll be notified as soon as there are any updates.


Stay tuned - We'll keep you posted here.


Thanks Xenia,


Joelman719 - thanks, can confirm I had joined the Family Mix, as above this seems to be android only issue, iphone for me works as expected. I can see the Family mix on Android but when you click the icons at the side that shows what users have influenced this track e.g. xxx listened to this track, yyy listened to this genre etc - this page shows blank like in the image posted by Karpad above.


It should look like the below (from my iPhone)