Filter Issues With Playlists [Android]

When I am trying to filter for a song in a playlist, the song that plays is the first song in the playlist itself, not the filter. Say I filter for a song that is in the middle of the order of the playlist's songs and I click play on it, It will play the first song in the play list. If I filter for an artist and play the second song that shows up, it will play the second song in the playlist itself, unflitered. 


Please help.


This is on Android.

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We can confirm this has been fixed in Spotify version 8.4.55!


If you're still having this issue, we'd recommend a quick reinstall


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Same problem here. started somewhere between last night and this morning. Anyone? UP


I'm having the exact same issue, it started yesterday afternoon. 


i am entering "this is muse"

and filtering "defe"

i am pressing the only result and it start the fist song in muse playlist and not the aong i  chose. 



1. Open a playlist

2. Filter on something in the playlist.

3. Notice that the list of songs is displayed according to the filter, ok.

4. Start playing.

- The play queue does not honor the filtered list. The songs are played according to the unfiltered playlist.

- If you for example skip to next song, it will not skip to next song in the filtered list instead it will skip to next song in the playlist.

- If you start playing from the second hit in the filtered list, it will start playing from the second song in the playlist.


Not sure when this bug appeared. It has been working before.


When I filter my playlist and select a song from filter it plays whatever song in my entire playlist in that same location I selected. 


Spotify please fix this glitch in your program! Thanks, 


Recently, I've noticed that when one is in a playlist and filters the playlist by typing search terms eg "Dodie", if one taps a song in the filtered list, it will imstead play the song that would be in that position if the playlist was unfiltered. For example, if the fifth song in my playlist was "learning to fly" by Tom Petty, but I searched "Beatles" in the playlist by using the filter feature, and tapped the fifth song that appeared, "learning to fly" would play. The sort buttons (eg by name, artist, etc) work as intended.


yeaa, same here -_- 


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Thanks for coming to the Community! We're sorry to hear.
We've merged some of your threads together, so that we can best help in one place.

Just to check, is this only happening when a playlist is sorted/filtered?
Also, is this happening with all playlists?

In the meantime, we'd recommend trying the following steps to see if they help out:
- Log out/in again
- Reboot your device
- Test if the same thing happens on a different network connection

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Yes, it only happens when a playlist is filtered and yes, with me at least, happens with all playlists.


I've tried doing these 3 things and didn't change nothing.


If it helps, i uploaded a video on youtube with the problem so people could have a deeper insight on the problem. i'm speaking portuguese but i guess the video is understandable.





I've also got the same issue, each time I use the filter it plays the song from my playlist rather than the one I click on. The first song when I use the filter doesn't work, it plays the first song on my playlist etc