Filtered Liked Songs Not In Queue After Update

I just updated Spotify for Mac to version and noticed that now when I filter my Liked Songs, the queue no longer updates. In the previous version, it does. You used to be able to filter playlists and have the queue update to only play the filtered songs but that was removed lots of versions ago. Please bring both of these features back. They're important for users with thousands of songs in playlists who sometimes only want to listen to the songs by certain artists.

Hey there folks,


Thanks for all your reports and patience while we were looking into this with our tech teams.


We'll mark this as Won't Fix for now.


However, if something changes, we'll make sure to update you here.





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Windows 10


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This is a bit hard to explain, but basically, when i search the name of an artist on my playlist which i have many songs from them added, and then i finish playing the song, it doesn't play the rest of the songs from the search list. It just plays whats next on the actual playlist

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Hey @batmeatz, help's here. 


Do you mean when you use the filter option to find an artist in your playlist? This will get you a desired search result, but it shouldn't be seen as a separate queue. It's intentional that the music will proceed from the playlist, not the filter results. 


Feel free to add the songs you want from an artist to the play queue. That will ensure that the desired tracks will be played consecutively.


All the best!


Yea right, it worked like a week ago and now it doesn't. I have got over 1500 songs added to my main playlist by various artists and now when I want to listen to one artist or album I'm made to add every single one track to the queue? That's nonsense and this function should be restored immediately since it was very useful!


It's intentional that the music will proceed from the playlist, not the filter results. 

No, the intention is for the filter to work as a filter. The UI says "Filter" (CTRL+F) and clearly separates it from "Search" (CTRL+S).


Since using Filter on Songs saved to Your Library still works correctly (filtered songs produce a separate queue) means this is obviously a bug and not an intentional change.

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Status changed to: Under investigation

Hey everybody,


We're seeing some reports about the next song in a filtered playlist not being the correct one. If this is the case, reinstall the app and let us know if it works. Also add a +Vote and comment the following:

  • Device/OS
  • Spotify version



@Jemi  Thanks, it works now as it is supposed to do. Windows 10, version


#edit: I was too optimistic, unfortunately. It stopped working once again, filter function doesn't work as it should do. I just don't get it how something can work for a moment and stop all of a sudden without any update or something.


I have been suffering from this problem for a few weeks too. I use a Dell Inspiron 3000 series Laptop with Windows 10 and latest version of Spotify with Premium. It started a few weeks ago. Contacting Spotify Support didn't help at all, they didn't even know how to fix it. They just told me to reinstall Spotify which temporarily fixes the problem until I close Spotify and reopen it; then it happens again. To be honest, this problem is huge for a Spotify power-user like me. The filter feature was the only thing that made Spotify unique to other streaming platforms to me.



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I had this problem too. The only thing that fixed it reliably was downgrading spotify to an ealier version (I'm using 1.0.85) and preventing it from updating. Until I've seen that they've fixed the various issues from the last few updates I'm refusing to update Spotify. 


Hey there @shelaffs and @flowztah,


We really appreciate reaching out in the Community to report this!


Just to confirm, are you using a Windows device? If so, it'd be helpful to let us know the operating system's version and, if you haven't already, the version of the Spotify app you're on.


We'll make sure to pass this on to our tech teams, thanks 🙂

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Windows device, reinstalled, it worked. I don't know my spotify version.

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