Filtered Liked Songs Not In Queue After Update

Status: Won't Fix

I just updated Spotify for Mac to version and noticed that now when I filter my Liked Songs, the queue no longer updates. In the previous version, it does. You used to be able to filter playlists and have the queue update to only play the filtered songs but that was removed lots of versions ago. Please bring both of these features back. They're important for users with thousands of songs in playlists who sometimes only want to listen to the songs by certain artists.

Hey there folks,


We really appreciate taking the time to report this here in the Community.


We've talked with our tech teams however this is something we couldn't reproduce on our end.


Keep in mind that filtering through a playlist should be a way to temporarily list specific content. For this reason, we'll mark this Ongoing Issue as "Won't Fix" for now.


As a workaround, you can try the following:

  1. Once you've filtered your playlist to the songs you want on the desktop app, select all songs (you can also just click Ctrl + A on Windows or Cmd + A on Mac)
  2. Once the filtered songs are all selected, right click select Add to Playlist > New Playlist


Because they probably wanted to make this behavior final, and got a lot of
backlash for it.

Still not working for me on iphone with an update from today, unfortunately. I still have my fingers crossed that since this was fixed for android it will be fixed on iphone soon too. But it has been a year of waiting already so...


Same, works again on my Mac and my Windows PC, not way to know if android but my iPhone still has the bug


It seems to me this was working a few weeks ago and sometime stopped working. This goes for ALL devices. Mac OS, iOS, Web. And strangely it didn't even take a software update - the function seems to be deteriorating over the past months. It's a nightmare to get the songs I want to play up quickly. I've liked thousands of songs which IS my library. If I filter on an artist or album name in my "like songs" (= my library) I'd expect three things;


1. To queue a song from the filter selection (this "works" but Spotify seems to have a mind or memory of its own)

2. To select a song and play it (would be the most simple thing but somehow impossible since a day or two)

3. That Spotify resumes playing from the filtered selection (this cut out a few weeks/months ago)


Very annoying. I've been addicted to Spotify, but this seems to be a fundamental issue that is somehow slipping through the cracks. A dealbreaker too. If I can't maintain my own music library for any other purpose than feeding your algorithm I'm gonna have to look at better options.




Sorry, what does "marked as won't fix" mean? The filter doesn't act as a filter, but as a search. This is non-sense and needs a fix!


This must be fixed, incredibly frustrating when you just want to listen so something specific when you have a big playlist. I've this problem for a veeeery long time now and i cant take it any longer. Why are you ignoring this problem? Why won't you fix it if you know about it? Im chaning music app, anyone know which app has this feature?


Been seeing this issue for quite awhile now. Doesn't work on Windows 10 nor iOS 12. Reinstalling didn't work. 


But, it does work for only "Liked Songs" playlist. Also on my iOS app, when doing a search in this playlist, the "Shuffle Play" button remains. Whereas in any other playlist this button is missing, and when I play a song from the filtered list, it continues to play songs from the entire playlist.


The same issue has now come back up


Yup, issue is back for me as well 😞