Followed all instructions but still can't add Artist Playlist

Here's the process I've followed so far

* **Personal Account**, submitted for verification of my **Artist page**

* Got accepted, gained access to Spotify for Artists. Updated my cover photo, noticed that you can attribute a playlist to your profile called an "Artist Playlist"

* So, on my **personal account** I created a playlist, added my songs then a couple hours later head back to Spotify for Artists.

* Now I gather at this point I'll be able to click on the + under Artist Playlists and search for my new playlist I created.

This is where I get stuck, it just doesn't show up when I try search for it. Any ideas? Maybe I've done something wrong?

Someone suggested right clicking and selecting "Make Public" but I assume it already is as the only option close to that is "Make Secret".

I'm keen to have this playlist say "by <band name>" instead of "by <personal name>" as soon as possible.
Status: Fixed
Status changed to: Need more info

Hi @kylewettom


Thanks for getting in touch with our Community. 


Can you try getting in touch with our Artist team over here


Let us know how it goes, we'd love to help out if anything goes sideways. 

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Hey, I figured this out - for anyone else looking for the answer, simply paste the URI into the search field instead of searching your playlist name.


A follow up question if you know the answer, I'll try with the artist team too. I can feature a playlist on my artist page but the "Created by" name is still under my personal name. I see other bands able to have it under the artist name. Has this feature been removed?


Thanks for letting us know @kylewettom


Yup, that's an option to find your playlist on the Search bar. Keep in mind that if your playlist starts getting a lot of followers, you'll be able to see it on top of the playlists on the Search bar and it'd be much easier to find. 


Regarding your question, was the playlist created on your personal account or the artist one? Can you send us a screenshot? It'd be super helpful. 

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Hi here are the screenshots. After researching, I came up blank when it comes to creating a playlist as an Artist. I only have my personal account which is used to log into Spotify for Artists. If I'm not mistaken, was never issued an 'account' for the artist itself.


Artist is Dead Favours.


ps. I signed up to community.spotify using Facebook login. Not sure why my name is @kylewettom when it should be 'kylewetton'









Thanks for that info!


Could you try to create your Artist playlist with the steps here?


Let us know how it goes. 

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Yeah that page is the one I followed. In fact every moderator on in this community nerfs a thread by linking to that same page. It clearly states "create the playlist using the personal account you use to log into Spotify for Artists". None of the information on that page explains how to make the playlist display under your artist name.


Hey @kylewettom!


Thanks for your input. Playlists added to your artist profile show the username of the account that created them. It's not currently possible to change this, but we'll let the team know it's something you'd like to see. 

Take care!

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While i accept that you can't change your username on a playlist, im still confused about how people are creating playlists under their artist name. It can be done, and in fact the reason I've started this thread is because of this misinformation and I was hoping someone could finally dispel it. These are only 3 examples of thousands, this is also not limited to high profile artists. Could it be that these artists have an artist account, and if so, is this something that would be manually set up the same way you'd sigh up for Spotify with your own name?












No worries, @kylewettom!


It was possible as part of our old verification process, which involved merging artist profiles with personal accounts. The new tool simplifies how you manage and personalize your artist profile. We're taking on board all feedback about this 🙂


Let us know if you have more doubts 🙂 

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Thanks ZullyB and I appreciate the responses, hopefully others can find the answer here if they're looking for it. It a small nitpick but would be good to present it as the artist instead of a personal account. No problem with making do for now, will be a nice feature to mask the name if it's not difficult to implement sometime in the future.


I'm having a blast with Spotify and Spotify for Artists so far!


Thanks again,


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