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Free users hearing ads too frequently

Hey folks,


We're receiving reports from free users about receiving too many  ads.  The reports describe hearing at least 2-3 ads after each song while on free.

If you’re experiencing this issue, make sure to add your +VOTE and follow the instructions in the Status Update below.


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Hey folks,


Thanks for your patience while we looked into this issue.


We’re happy to say that this should now be fixed for everyone! Just make sure your app is updated to the latest version.


If you're still having trouble, make sure to post a new thread in the relevant help board here.




My app is updated to the latest version but I'm still getting 3-5 ads after every song or two.


Same issue, regardless of the app being updated and not skipping ANY songs, ever, on my Mac. TWO songs, THREE ads every.single.time. Also, even the biggest mini muffin eater would tire of seeing the SAME Entenmann's ad ANYtime the app window is clicked. 

If Marketing thought there was any chance I'd upgrade to premium, that minute chance was quashed entirely by this constant disruption.


I'm appreciate there's even a free option, but I often get an ad after playing only ONE song. Then I get 2 to 3 ads after one or two more songs, and that's the cycle. When I downgraded to free, it said I would get around 15 minutes of uninterrupted music and then ads, which would be totally acceptable, but I'm barely getting 6 or 7 minutes, on average. I only downgraded temporarily because of financial issues, but this kind of over-saturation of ads is incredibly disappointing, especially after being told differently, and I'm seriously thinking about switching back to Pandora or trying out Amazon music. Sigh.


I continue to have the frequent advertisement issue on all of my devices; iPhone, IPad and desktop. 3-5 ads play after the first song I listen to and then almost after every song, sometimes in the middle of a song.  I have done hard resets, logged in and out, etc. Any new advice? All I can find are posts from years ago. Thanks



I'm getting so many more ads on free version than normal.  The stupid amazon ad comes on almost every other song. 


Still getting many, many ads. Before even listening to the first song, already have had 3 ads and getting multiple ads after almost every song.


Hallo Spotify-Team,

Es ist wirklich Schade, ich habe euren „Dienst“ lange genutzt und war auch oft Premium User. Aktuell habe ich einen kostenlosen Account mit Werbung und es ist wirklich unerträglich. Nach wirklich! jedem 2 Song kommt Werbung und immer die gleiche Kacke, manchmal 2 mal hintereinander exakt die gleiche Werbung. 
Das ist so erbärmlich. Warum bekommt ihr kein erträgliches Modell mit Werbung auf die Reihe? Alle 20-30 Minuten passende Werbung wäre doch okay und vielleicht sogar profitabel, aber wenn ihr die Leute alle 5 Minuten random mit irgendeiner umpersonalisierten **bleep** zuballert, werdet ihr ganz schnell nicht nur die Werbekunden verlieren, sondern auch die Leute, die Spotify schon seit Jahrzehnten nutzen, also die treuesten Kunden, die aus persönlichen Gründen auch hin und wieder auch mal downgraden und nicht 10€ pro Monat nur für Musik bezahlen wollen, die sie im Grunde überall hören können.
Gute Nacht,



For the past 6 months or so on spotify, I've been having 4-5 ads in between every other song on my computer when using the web player on computer. When on my phone or any mobile device, I get at least 3 ads in between every song. I was genuinely considering purchasing spotify premium, until this started happening. I am this close to no longer being interested in maintaining a relationship with the site or app whatsoever. This is completely unacceptable on behalf of spotify, and if this is a marketing technique, it's not working on anyone. 


Can you please make adds less frequent or shorten them by half because I get adds after every song and Spotify premium process is really inconsistent 


Too many ads. Im just gonna delete my account, you should do the same, there is way better platforms and there is such things as downloads you can get for free or even better purchase off your favourite artists. I used to use spotify for podcasts but I've found alternatives on other platforms.

I loath being yelled at to buy stuff half way through an intelligent/informative podcast. 

You used to be cool spotify, what happened to you?