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Free users on iOS unable to tap "and more" to open list of tracks on playlists

We're receiving contacts from users on iOS, who are using the free experience of  Spotify and are unable to tap "and more" to see the list of tracks when viewing a playlist. So far, this seems to not be affecting Android users or users with Premium subscriptions.

Hey folks,


Thanks for your patience while we looked into this issue.


We’re happy to say that this should now be fixed! Just make sure your app is updated to the latest version.


If you're still experiencing this, it'd also be great to wait until the 17th of March, as we're always testing things and everything should be working stably by then.




Apparently, a new feature had been added where free users cannot view their songs in their playlists (mobile). Why would you inconvenience your free users like this? I though your goal as developers was to make the experience better, not worse. Now I can’t even remove songs from my playlist, or go through them to add them to a new playlist. This is simply the most idiotic feature ever, you might as well just require the premium membership at this point. Why you would deprive free users of such a CRUCIAL feature is beyond me, but it needs to be resolved.


In conclusion, please add back the feature that allows free mobile users to view the songs in their playlist and edit them. 


It’s also happening to me. I’ve had Spotify for years and this has only started happening recently. I can no longer edit my playlists. This wasn’t a problem before but it started around two weeks ago. Please look into it!


Country: Australia

Subscription: Free

Device: Iphone 12, software 15.1.1

Steps so far: Restart, Log in/out again, delete app + relevant data for clean install.

Where: All playlists including my own.

Podcasts: The ‘see more’ button for podcast information works fine. Only the ‘and more’ button is effected.


It’s been a month. I first experienced this in January. How does fixing a button take a month?


Are you sure this is only a bug? why are release radar and such still working? Why wasn’t it solved by now? And yes, kinda weird that it happened immediately after the rogan controversy. deleting Spotify and going back to Deezer till it’s fixed 


United States, Free version, iPhone XR, IOS 15.3.1


Tapping "and more" within my playlists, others' playlists, and Spotify's playlist does nothing. Therefore I cannot edit my playlists, listen to any music previews, or even see a full playlist, rendering the Spotify mobile app practically useless. I am just glad that this is an issue rather than a feature.


I have done a normal reinstall and clean reinstall.


EDIT: logging back in twice fixed it. the new UI update went away (where they made the icons more stocky) and I can now fully see playlists. I really hope this issue does not come up again. I may not update Spotify again for a while...


I’ve been having the same problems and tried everything but logging out and then back in two times in a row works!! Hope this helps 👍

  1. Thank you so much, I had tried doing a clean reinstall, restarting my phone multiple times, but what really fixed it was logging out two times! I thought I had been up to date with everything, I still don’t really understand the problem but i’m glad it was fixed nonetheless. I had been having to deal with this problem for awhile so i’m just glad it’s fixed with. 

okay so turns out whatever you do is a temporary fix. it still doesn’t work. please fix this!!! 


This has still been happening to me. I did the clean reinstall and everything. I have an iPhone SE. Even after updating the app it still persists.


The same problem has been happening to me.  I did the clean reinstall 3x and it still has not worked.