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Freezes, no response, not stopping on S7 Edge

Device: Samsung S7 Edge 
OS: Android 6.01. 

Spotify Version: arm V7


Since at least the last two updates Spotify freezes occasionally. The music´s playing, but you can´t control anything, no pause, skipping etc. and Spotify cannot be closed without navigating to the app manager and forcing the process to stop. 

This happens mostly when I´m listening to it via headphones ( different ones ) or while connected via bluetooth. 

Hey guys!


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I have the same problem 


Yep, same here. Spotify is set in Power Management to "Disabled" (in other words it won't try power optimize the application).

I don't have Power Saver mode turned on.

Happens when I'm using Bluetooth headphones or an external Bluetooth speaker. I can listen to about 5-6 songs in a row and then it stops, sometimes more.


i have exact same problem, drains battery quickly and constant freezes restarts, worse on bluetooth and headphones, galaxy s7 uk on o2 with latest o2 firmware.


Today Spotify caused my S7 to do a boot loop for 10 minutes. Has to be Spotify, because I was listening to it. then I wanted to close Spotify, but couldn´t - then my whole smartphone hung and started to loop. Dunno what´s wrong, but there some critical stuff going right there.


Got to to rudder back - it wasn´t Spotify´s fault. My SD card died today, it was the cause of my freezes and loops.


Same here with Galaxy S7, i'm using earphones and my app always freeze after a few song. I have to force quit the app every time, because its not responding to anything else. Maybe an update on this one will be great.

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Hey guys, welcome to the Spotify Community!


We'd like to know a bit more about what's happening. Can you confirm if this is happening over WiFi/3G? Both?


We'll see what we can suggest 🙂


Hi there, I've found it happens on both WiFi (work) and 3G (driving in the car).


Mostly I'm on WiFi at work listening to songs that are almost always marked as already downloaded - so I don't use up our data cap at work. (Here in New Zealand, there are still data caps, because the country's internet goes through only a couple of undersea fibre optic cables).


Through experience I've found if I wake up the phone every so often to skip a track using the screen, or do another task on the phone, the freezing is less likely to happen. This makes me wonder if it is some kind of power saving feature that Samsung have put into their version of MM - I didn't have this happen on my previous phone, a Sony Z3 Compact, running the same Android version 6.0.1 but using Sony.


I'm using the same microSD card as I was using in my previous Sony phone.





I downloaded all the songs from my playlist, but meanwhile im always on 4g network. But i never had an issue like this before, perhaps a new release.


It doesn´t matter - happens at home when connected to Wi-Fi and in online status or outside 3g /4g offline status