Freezes, no response, not stopping on S7 Edge

Device: Samsung S7 Edge 
OS: Android 6.01. 

Spotify Version: arm V7


Since at least the last two updates Spotify freezes occasionally. The music´s playing, but you can´t control anything, no pause, skipping etc. and Spotify cannot be closed without navigating to the app manager and forcing the process to stop. 

This happens mostly when I´m listening to it via headphones ( different ones ) or while connected via bluetooth. 

Hey guys!


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Thought it could intervene with the headsetup app, but deactivated it for a while and it still happened


Hey everybody! Thanks for that info.


Can you make sure that you have our latest app version installed on your Android devices (7.1.0)?


Let us know if this helps.

Casual Listener

I am experiencing the same problem where the Spotify app will freeze and then unable to close it. Music will continue playing in the background, despite the Spotify app window no longer being visible on the screen. Happens both with downloaded music and streaming music. I never use any headphones but do listen to music over Bluetooth speaker. This happens most frequently over WiFi connection. 

Hope you can resolve this Spotify issue soon. Thanks. 

I have latest Spotify software release installed. 


Thanks to Spotify for asking questions. I've got some more feedback on this issue:

- Have made sure I'm on the very latest Spotify app, freezing still happens

- I thought the freezing could happen only when my phone was in standby for awhile, but tonight Spotify froze several times while listening to music when I was using it, including one time where a song came on that I knew I didn't like by the title and pressed skip, and it froze immediately showing "00:01" on the played time. Note that the current song always keeps playing in the background, but the app freezes.

- It freezes in both portrait and landscape. I have taken a screenshot of it frozen in landscape if needed.

- Sometimes Android detects Spotify is frozen and will offer to "WAIT" or "CLOSE". Close works, Spotify is killed and you can start it again. Wait does nothing, it will stay hung.

- I'm using Bluetooth (Sony SRS-BTX300 external speaker) and on WiFi the whole time. Do Not Disturb mode was enabled for a portion. I'm on battery. Power saving for Spotify is specifically set to "Disable".

Hope this helps, it's super frustrating, especially since Spotify worked fine on my old phone (Z3 Compact)!!


One more comment, tonight Samsung's "Smart Manager" displayed a notification for Spotify: "This app is causing your device to run slowly. To improve your device´s performance, disable auto open for this app"


I guess it is seeing that one of the Spotify processes has hung and is causing high CPU in the background.

This would explain the abysmal battery life I get on my S7 when Spotify is running.


I have the exact same problems as @grainbox with my S7. 


I got a pair of Bose QC35 headphones a couple of months ago and when I started to use them while listening to Spotify my phone became almost unusuable (it was pretty laggy). I had to start cleaning the blueetooth cache in my phone every so often to make it usuable. I thought this was a Samsung/Bose issue but a recent update of the Spotify app fixed the problem (This issue also happened to a couple of workmates using S7/S7 Edge and Bose headphones).


Now the phone works perfectly fine but the app crashes quite often (using the latest version of Spotify, connected to 4G, conntected to Wi-Fi, etc.). I´ve been using Spotify premium for several years so far and I love the service in general, but this problem with my phone is becoming pretty annoying.






Thanks for that info guys! 


@grainbox, have you tried using a friend's account to test it on yours? 


@NameLess5, does it only happen while using Bluetooth? We'll see what we can suggest.

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Hey guys!


It seems like we haven't heard from you in a while. For this reason, we're setting this post as "Closed".

Don't hesitate to write us back if you need some extra help.
Have a great week 🙂 

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