Friend Feed not updating correctly

Hi, im not quite sure what's going on with my friend activity and I have been trying to figure it out. The friend activity feed is showing about half the people I am following and is lagging more than usual when someone actually starts listening to a song. I believe it has something to do with it switching over to a "who has recently played music" kind of feed, but I don't know why it would've switched over considering I havent updated the desktop app. Please help! I miss being able to see what everyone has been listening to!

Hey folks, the issue of the Friend Feed not updating should now be fixed for everyone. 


If it is not updating for you (and you can see the Friend Feed) please let us know by posting in the Desktop Help boards with the following details:

  • Device
  • Device OS
  • Spotify version

If however you're simply not seeing the Friend Feed at all, please add your vote here.




Yep. Mine stopped as well. Since the last few udpates I see no Facebook friends to follow, so I cannot refresh the friend feed and get it to work. Please Spotify, it was fixed!

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I wish we could reload instead of restart the whole app incase of lag. One idea would be to refresh if you click on the Friend Activity header. Or a small reloadbutton beside it.


Mine stopped about at year ago at least and I have been messaging spotify support for months with no resolution. They fixed it on the back end for my girlfriend before, it's crazy to me that someone who did that can't produce and rollout a patch for everyone.


I'm frustrated with this company.


I still have to use the find friend/unsubscribe all friend button to undo and redo my friends list. Once I do that all the people and there history show back up within moments of selecting subscribe all friends or select each one manually to re add users erased. This is on going on all devices, Windows 10, Android, and latest ipod touch versions. I swear I can't get the friend Activity to just work anymore. I get it half working and I don't like it 😞


I also everyday am getting random playlists reappearing after being missing for 5 years into my account now. They are non public when they reappear. I just want all my playlists to be loaded and my friend feature to work. I asked support and just got told someone would look into it. I need a dev to help fix it I think.  😕

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O-M-G its almost been a year fix this already spotify!!

what are we paying for? seems like noone is working on this application.

just cashing in the $$$ and couldnt give a shait about shait actually working


@Appstown wrote:

Some of my friends are disappearing everytime I close my spotify and reopen it.  

I need to refollow them everytime to see them in the friend feed.


Device: Macbook Air

OS: MacOS Sierra (version 10.12)

Spotify version:


I quoted myself because the problem I commented in this topic a few months ago is fixed.

Finally, thanks!


Spotify version

Mac OS HIGH Sierra 10. 13.6

(missing fromWIN XP computer at work when i connect also).


Friends disappearing. tried reinstalling and unfollowing/following. NO good 😞 help! 

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This problem is marked as fixed but I still have the same issue. I didn't have this issue until a few months ago (around late 2018). 

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Just thought I would share something I did that has fixed this problem for me.


1. Quit spotify and uninstall it

2. Go to Finder

3. On your top toolbar click 'Go' and then 'Go to folder' on the drop down menu

4. In 'Go to folder' type in ~/Library/Application Support/Spotify/.

5. Select all the folders and files in that folder and move it to trash can / empty

6. Re-install Spotify


Hopefully that works for others.

Same here