Friend Feed not updating correctly

Hi, im not quite sure what's going on with my friend activity and I have been trying to figure it out. The friend activity feed is showing about half the people I am following and is lagging more than usual when someone actually starts listening to a song. I believe it has something to do with it switching over to a "who has recently played music" kind of feed, but I don't know why it would've switched over considering I havent updated the desktop app. Please help! I miss being able to see what everyone has been listening to!

Hey folks, the issue of the Friend Feed not updating should now be fixed for everyone. 


If it is not updating for you (and you can see the Friend Feed) please let us know by posting in the Desktop Help boards with the following details:

  • Device
  • Device OS
  • Spotify version

If however you're simply not seeing the Friend Feed at all, please add your vote here.




Activity feed does not show any of my friends activity. It just says “See what your friends are playing” but doesn’t seem to be tracking my current friends. This is on desktop.


Literally same with me and I know for a fact my friends have been actively listening to Spotify and they've been removed from my friends' list completely, yet 8 hours before all was fine! How have they still not fixed this ongoing issue yet?!


I have "no recent activity" despite lots of listening, have tried all the troubleshooting fixes..

Would appreciate some help please.

Thank yo


Still having the same issue 😞
The feed say some friends stay 5 days without listening anything (when I'm sure that's not true).
Device: Desktop
Device OS: Windows 10 Pro
Spotify version:

Casual Listener

Some of my friends aren't showing up. Some are. Hard to tell why.


OS: MacBook Pro, 10.14.3 (18D109)




Screen Shot 2019-04-09 at 7.57.27 pm.png


Still having this issue of my friend feed showing no friend activity. I am following more than 10 people and non of them show up. I have been having this issue for more than a year.


OS: MacBook Air 10.14.3 






My Friends List Is not there altho i followed 8 ppl its happened 3-5 days ago waited and hoped it would appear but nope so yea don't know when they gonna get rid to this sh**

Not applicable

For the last couple of weeks people have been dropping in and out of my friends feed, mostly different friends sporadically, and now today it is down to just three people (it was at 6 and then every time I quite the app and opened it again one dissapeared). 


I have done the clean reinstall and every other suggestion that I've seen. If I unfollow and follow then only the three who were there come back. Really frustrating issues as the friends thing is one of the most appealing things about spotify to me. 


OS: MacBook Pro, 10.14.5 (18F132)


Casual Listener

Some of my friends aren't showing up either. Some are. It occured a few hours ago. Not sure if it's because some of my friends appear to have two accounts - one connected to facebook and the other not. the one that's not connected is not showing up like it used to

Macbookpro early2015




Only a selection of friends I'm following are showing. Have tried logouts / reboots / clean reinstalls but to no effect. Also checked if Spotify connections were blocked in any way (firewall, hosts file, AVG) but this wasn't the case.


This issue has been acting up for nearly half a year now, very annoying.

macOS Mojave 10.14.6

MacBook Pro, Retina mid 2012