Friend Feed not updating for users on desktop

Hey everyone!


We've seen some reports that the Friend Feed is not working properly for you.


If you're experiencing the following, please click the +VOTE button:

  • Seeing friends show in the Friend Feed even if you're not following them
  • Unfollowing/ following friends again refreshes the Friend Feed however, when restarting the app the changes aren't reflected

Note: If the Friend Feed isn't appearing at all, you can head here to leave your +VOTE instead.


Also, make sure to try the following steps first:

  • Log out and back in your account to shake things up
  • Perform a clean reinstall of the desktop app
  • Try a different network connection to see if the issue persists

If that doesn't help, it'd be helpful to leave a comment with the following so we can pass this info to our tech folks:

  • Device
  • OS and version of your device
  • Spotify version (please specify)
  • How long has the Friend Feed not updated?


Hey there folks,


Thanks for all your reports regarding the Friend Feed not updating for a period of time. 


As we mentioned previously, we've done some changes backstage and this should be now fixed.


If you're having troubles, make sure to update to the newest version of Spotify. We recommend doing a quick reinstallation using these instructions. Try loggling the Friend Feed off and back on as well. 


If that doesn't do the trick for you, or you're having other issues with the Friend Feed (for example, an error message that it failed to load), we'd still like to know. In that case, we'd suggest heading over to the right Help Board and starting a new thread with all the necessary information. Thanks!

Casual Listener

Same here...i been experiencing this issue for almost a week, I already rebooted my Mac, unistalled spotify and run it again and nothing...annoying !


Unfollowing friends then following them back hasn't worked at all for me

Music Fan

This issue has come up alot recently, and I'm pretty sure there's some sort of bug thats causing it.


It seems that playing music from desktop doesn't contribute to your friend activity, meaning that if you play a song from the desktop version of Spotify it won't appear that you listened to it on your friend's feed, where it would normally show you're activity.


This, coupled with Spotify's feature that takes 'inactive' users off friend activity until they are active causes them to be removed from the side panel. 


Strangely I've noticed that playing music from mobile registers into your friend activity, and your friends can see that you played music. 


I hope this helps, I really don't know if this is right at all but this is what I'm gathering from this after like a week of going through it.


It's a possibility however my riends were testing the problem out for me on their phones anyway and their music still wasn't showing up on my activity feed so it seems to problems with both platforms


One of my coworkers got the friend feed working again for a brief period, but it has since stopped working. When it was working it was through a mobile device.


It would be wonderful if Spotify could fix this issue!!


mine is not working either


Click view on the side menu 
Click right sidebar off and then back on. 

Worked for me 


I just went on spotify today and the sidebar is working now! I haven't done anything to it funnily enough so hopefully its been fixed now

Casual Listener

I had the exact same issue. I fixed it by unfollowing and re-following my friends and now they are all appearing.


This is clearly an issue on Spotify's end.

Casual Listener

A follow-up:


This seems to only be a temporary solution. Relaunching Spotify causes the issue to return.