Friend Feed not updating or showing

Status: Closed
We're receiving reports that the Friend Feed isn't updating or not showing entirely for some users despite both them and their friends having the "Share my listening activity on Spotify" enabled. We will be taking a closer look at this.

Hello everyone,


combining reports from our CS channels and your feedback here, we can confirm that the friend feed is currently working as expected.


As we've confirmed before, the default setting to share your listening activity has been globally set to OFF, for everyone that has never switched it around and toggled it explicitly to ON in the past. This gives everyone more direct control and choice if they want to publicly share what they listen to. This is why you're now seeing less people in your friend feed.


We've looked at individual reports and accounts submitted to us and were able to confirm backstage that the setting to share the listening activity for all accounts we investigated has not been turned on. Furthermore, from the posts here we see that you yourselves are turning on your sharing settings, but we never received a confirmation that your friends have those settings on or the complete information we requested, including what your friends were listening to.


If you're not in touch with someone you follow and can't confirm they have their sharing settings turned on, the only confirmed explanation currently is that after the default was switched to off, they never turned it back on. Your friends need to activate the setting so you can see their activity, not you yourself.


Until this can be disproved, with valid data, there's no reason for us to assume the Friend Feed is malfunctioning and as such will be closing this issue.


If you are in touch with a friend and can provide relevant info of their settings, what device they used, what they were listening to and when, please open another thread with the info and we'll investigate. If you're not in touch with a follower and can't provide said data, your followers have not actively chosen to share their listening history and we encourage to respect their decision.


Yes, I asked every friend that should be on the friends activity and they all have the option toggled on.


Hi, my problem is actually a bit different from the others as I can see some of my friends that allowed the sharing but for others that also allowed, I can't see them. So, for example, my friend A allowed their music to be shared and my friend B can see my friend A but for some weird reason I can't see.


I also have the same issue with the friends activity in Spotify. I've told my friends to turn on the 'share my listening activity on Spotify' but it still doesn't work. I unfollowed and followed them again and they did the same thing, but nothing changes. I re-installed my Spotify, updated it, restarted it, I did every solution I found, but nothing works. Idk if the issue in this case is from Spotify's side 😕 


Thanks for getting back to me so quick!

Have double checked with one of my friends (and refreshed everything etc after) and there's no change to the situation. 


Status changed to: Under investigation
Hi everyone, we will be looking into the reports that the Friend Feed doesn't update, even though both you and your friends having your sharing settings toggled on.
First up, we'd like to highlight to you that due to the way the Friend Feed functions, there are some requirements that need to be met for friend activity to show and it will work better when the following conditions are met:
  • You're following not only artist and branded profiles but actual friends you know.
  • Your friends listen directly on the Spotify app for PC/Mac and Smartphones. Listening on the WebPlayer, consoles, smart speakers or connected devices does not and has never shared listening activity to the Friend Feed.
  • Listening should be continuous for some time on a public playlist and without using a private session.
  • The more friends you have the easier the Friend Feed can gather data.
  • Due to how the API is set up, VPNs or other network traffic and filtering tools can interfere with the Friend Feed's performance.
  • Remember - the friends you follow on Spotify need to have the setting switched to ON for you to be able see their activity in your Friend Feed. Plus you'll need yours switched to ON if you want your followers to see your activity too.
If you and your friends believe you're experiencing the same issue after checking all of the above is met, then please give the clean reinstalling steps one more go, so you are sure you're all on the latest version, start playing something together and after about 1 hour, restart the app and check if this will make any difference.
If this does not help then please click +VOTE  on the issue and get back to us with the following info for you and one friend with whom you experience this situation:
  • The number of friends you're following
  • Confirm both your Spotify versions
  • The devices you and your friends are listening music to
  • Share a link to an example of what your friends listened to (album, playlist, etc.), including how long they listened to it.
Keep us posted, we'll be on the lookout for your reply and investigate further with the help of the details that you provided

Yes, I have the same challenge as people over me stated. Also, I have tried to add several more people to the list, but when I do it states that I have 0 friends on Facebook using Spotify - and then after one second, they show me 150 + friends. So I would presume that there is something in the connectivity between Facebook and Spotify. I've had this challenge for at least a week. 


I have this issue, about a week ago, my friend feed suddenly stopped updating for all my friends, except for 5. Now, everyone has disappeared but those 5 friends. All my friends can see my activity but I can't see theirs. I have already reinstalled spotify multiple times but this does not seem to fix it. 



Windows Spotify -

Windows pc 



it doesn't solve my problem


All my friend activity disappeared. Well, except for 5. And of those 5, maybe two update here and there. Otherwise, it says it's been 10hours-days since any of those 5 have listened to music. Which is a damn lie because my daughter uses spotify almost as much as I do and I can hear her listening to her spotify podcast and her activity say's she hasnt listened in 18 hours.