Friend Feed not updating or showing

Status: Closed
We're receiving reports that the Friend Feed isn't updating or not showing entirely for some users despite both them and their friends having the "Share my listening activity on Spotify" enabled. We will be taking a closer look at this.

Hello everyone,


combining reports from our CS channels and your feedback here, we can confirm that the friend feed is currently working as expected.


As we've confirmed before, the default setting to share your listening activity has been globally set to OFF, for everyone that has never switched it around and toggled it explicitly to ON in the past. This gives everyone more direct control and choice if they want to publicly share what they listen to. This is why you're now seeing less people in your friend feed.


We've looked at individual reports and accounts submitted to us and were able to confirm backstage that the setting to share the listening activity for all accounts we investigated has not been turned on. Furthermore, from the posts here we see that you yourselves are turning on your sharing settings, but we never received a confirmation that your friends have those settings on or the complete information we requested, including what your friends were listening to.


If you're not in touch with someone you follow and can't confirm they have their sharing settings turned on, the only confirmed explanation currently is that after the default was switched to off, they never turned it back on. Your friends need to activate the setting so you can see their activity, not you yourself.


Until this can be disproved, with valid data, there's no reason for us to assume the Friend Feed is malfunctioning and as such will be closing this issue.


If you are in touch with a friend and can provide relevant info of their settings, what device they used, what they were listening to and when, please open another thread with the info and we'll investigate. If you're not in touch with a follower and can't provide said data, your followers have not actively chosen to share their listening history and we encourage to respect their decision.


macbookOS catalina, most recent spotify update 

Samsugn Galaxy A51,  most recent spotify update


what i am noticing is that it shows i follow around 250 people on my profile, which is the case

however only around 30 are showing up in my social feed. 

whenever i go to the list of people i follow, all 250 show but only halve or less is listed as if i am following them. this goes for both my mobile phone and my macbook. i can click and follow them but when i refresh the app they are gone again. so even though they are listed they wont show up in my social feed. i have checked and alot of these people do have their social feed on. if i visit friends profiles i can see that they have listed to music that doesn't show in my feed. this has been going like this for a month. i found no changes seem to be occuring and re installing the app doensn't seem to work either. hope it will be fixed as i really enjoy the social feature, kind regards





Seems like 5 is the magic number here. I have this problem as well. Everyone disappeared from my friends list exept for 5 people. 5 people I'm not even close with.


Wow! I sure love being forced into a beta version of the app completely ruining my favorite feature with no way to revert back to a version that actually worked! 🙄 Please stop doing this to your users or they will switch to a different service. At least I have the OPTION to opt-out of beta functions on Discord.

Hi everyone,

The posts we're currently seeing in this thread won't allow us to investigate further and are actually creating clutter, which makes it more difficult to get to the bottom of this.
We'll need to start removing irrelevant posts unless they focus on the topic and contain the information necessary for investigation:
  • You are in contact with friends that have confirmed they have their settings on, but you're not seeing their activity or vice versa.
  • The number of friends (not artists) you're following
  • An example of two Spotify versions of you and a friend
  • An example of devices that you and a friend are listening to
  • A link to an example of what your friends have been listening to.
Just saying you follow 100 people, but see let's say 20, is not useful and is most certainly expected if 80 of those people have not turned on their sharing settings.
We need concrete data in order to investigate, otherwise we will not be able to find a solution for those that are experiencing the actual issue of communicating and checking with their friends and close ones, that their sharing settings are on and are still not seeing them.
Thank you for understanding. 

This happened to me when updating to version


All of my friends who previously showed up in the right sidebar regularly suddenly no longer show up. This has been happening for about a week now. I reached out to talk to them individually, and none of my friends changed their settings and all continue to listen to Spotify on the desktop app. One friend who I talked with is also on version


UPDATE: I reached out to a friend to confirm their sharing settings, and they said that somehow the checkbox for their "Share my listening activity on Spotify" setting got reset without them changing it. It previously was enabled and worked for weeks and weeks at a time—I always saw them in my sidebar. However, even after enabling that setting and restarting the app, their playing activity still does not show up in the sidebar.


I have the same problem. I only see 4 friends. There used to be a lot of them.


I also have the same issue with the friends activity in Spotify. I've told my friends to turn on the 'share my listening activity on Spotify' but it still doesn't work. I unfollowed and followed them again and they did the same thing, but nothing changes. I re-installed my Spotify, updated it, restarted it, I did every solution I found, but nothing works. I have this issue for 3 week now.


i couldn't see any of my friends activity this morning, at around noon i was only able to see 5 people even though there's always at least 15 people. i've taken all the possible steps, and nothing seems to be fixing the issue. 

edit: just wanted to add that the os is the macOS Monterey


Couldn't see any activity earlier today. On the activity panel it says to turn the option on in settings, which already is. It just came back when i opened Spotify right now. But with only 4 people on it.

I'm aware that Spotify is changing defaults rgd share activity, but before i check around....

1. For a new user, the sharing option is default to off right?
2. For an existing user who had turned it on, will you configure it to off? 

Basically, did u perform a global 'set to off' for sharing activity, regardless of previous settings? If yes, there's nothing further from me. 

If no, then mmhmm i'm only seeing 4 people currently and it used to be way more, scrollable on the list. Is this normal? Perhaps it'll only show more as people open Spotify to listen?