Friend Feed not updating or showing

Status: Closed
We're receiving reports that the Friend Feed isn't updating or not showing entirely for some users despite both them and their friends having the "Share my listening activity on Spotify" enabled. We will be taking a closer look at this.

Hello everyone,


combining reports from our CS channels and your feedback here, we can confirm that the friend feed is currently working as expected.


As we've confirmed before, the default setting to share your listening activity has been globally set to OFF, for everyone that has never switched it around and toggled it explicitly to ON in the past. This gives everyone more direct control and choice if they want to publicly share what they listen to. This is why you're now seeing less people in your friend feed.


We've looked at individual reports and accounts submitted to us and were able to confirm backstage that the setting to share the listening activity for all accounts we investigated has not been turned on. Furthermore, from the posts here we see that you yourselves are turning on your sharing settings, but we never received a confirmation that your friends have those settings on or the complete information we requested, including what your friends were listening to.


If you're not in touch with someone you follow and can't confirm they have their sharing settings turned on, the only confirmed explanation currently is that after the default was switched to off, they never turned it back on. Your friends need to activate the setting so you can see their activity, not you yourself.


Until this can be disproved, with valid data, there's no reason for us to assume the Friend Feed is malfunctioning and as such will be closing this issue.


If you are in touch with a friend and can provide relevant info of their settings, what device they used, what they were listening to and when, please open another thread with the info and we'll investigate. If you're not in touch with a follower and can't provide said data, your followers have not actively chosen to share their listening history and we encourage to respect their decision.


I also have the same problem. I used to have 20+ friends, but now there's only 5 showing up. Not only that, but I already reinstall it for a couple of times, but it's not fixed yet.


Hi, I have enabled share my activity to share my listening activity to friends and see what friends are playing in settings and I can't see my friends listening activity. I have tried a number of times to restart Spotify, and there has been no changes. Please help.


it was fine last week, but all of a sudden, I cant see my friends listed in the listening activity bar. It wants me to connect to Facebook but I don't want to do that. Is there any fix for this? All my friends are having the same problem. We all have everything set up correctly and has been working for over a year but requires us to now connect to Facebook. None of them have Facebook but we want to see what each of us is listening to. How do we fix this? 


I have already tried everything, reinstalling, the clean reinstalling, already checked my hosts and my preference on the desktop to show my activity to my friends and to see theirs in on. However, I can see the activity of only two friends, even thought I have more.




Here are the info that you requeseted:


Friends: 10


Spotify version:


Windows 10


Lenovo G50-80




I follow 16 people and know for a fact that at least 10 people have their listening activity on and so do i. but i can only see 3 people in my friends activity. i even asked one of my friends to listen to something public and i still couldn’t see what they were listening to. it’d be great if you could fix this song! 


I have the same issue as people above have. And my friends using Spotify have the same issue (it's a people in different parts of world, with different OS and devices, and the propblem doesn't depends on OS or device). Nobody changed their settings, all needed settings are turned on. This is a global problem that affects thousands of users.

How many more people need to write here to fix this problem?


I have never logged on to vote for a problem before. Please change this back. 


This problem has existed for about 3 weeks now for a ton of people from my understanding.  It is extremely disappointing that these issues are being blamed on user error when it is clearly an issue with the programming code.  My entire library of friends does not show any listening history whatsoever after doing so for years.  Do better spotify.


Number of friends:  5.  All friends have confirmed they are sharing their listening activity.  They can see me, but I cannot see any of them.


Spotify Versions

  - Me:  Spotify for Windows,

  - One of my friends:  Spotify for Windows,


Devices:  Both Windows desktop, iphone (friend), Android (me)


Link to example of what one of my friends has been listening to:
  - No can do because I can't see my friends on Spotify



Earlier, I saw dozens of friends. Currently, I only see five.