Friend Feed not updating or showing

Status: Closed
We're receiving reports that the Friend Feed isn't updating or not showing entirely for some users despite both them and their friends having the "Share my listening activity on Spotify" enabled. We will be taking a closer look at this.

Hello everyone,


combining reports from our CS channels and your feedback here, we can confirm that the friend feed is currently working as expected.


As we've confirmed before, the default setting to share your listening activity has been globally set to OFF, for everyone that has never switched it around and toggled it explicitly to ON in the past. This gives everyone more direct control and choice if they want to publicly share what they listen to. This is why you're now seeing less people in your friend feed.


We've looked at individual reports and accounts submitted to us and were able to confirm backstage that the setting to share the listening activity for all accounts we investigated has not been turned on. Furthermore, from the posts here we see that you yourselves are turning on your sharing settings, but we never received a confirmation that your friends have those settings on or the complete information we requested, including what your friends were listening to.


If you're not in touch with someone you follow and can't confirm they have their sharing settings turned on, the only confirmed explanation currently is that after the default was switched to off, they never turned it back on. Your friends need to activate the setting so you can see their activity, not you yourself.


Until this can be disproved, with valid data, there's no reason for us to assume the Friend Feed is malfunctioning and as such will be closing this issue.


If you are in touch with a friend and can provide relevant info of their settings, what device they used, what they were listening to and when, please open another thread with the info and we'll investigate. If you're not in touch with a follower and can't provide said data, your followers have not actively chosen to share their listening history and we encourage to respect their decision.


My friend activity hasn't been working for a couple weeks now, I've tried every single fix that there is including making sure the app and computer software are up to date, the correct settings are on, logging in and out, redownloading the app, etc. I have over 40 friends on Spotify and used to be able to see their activity, now it only shows one person's activity and no one else's. 


Same issue here, would not update except for 3 friends. Started around the release of "Spotify Wrapped". Hopefully will be resolved soon


How can I follow my friends... if they just disappeared from the desktop app and I can't even search for them by their name? If when I connect to Facebook and your app tell me I have ZERO friends on Spotify (just laughable)?

How can this be a problem in 2021?



I am having the same issue with several followers that I'm sure have their friend activity on. I have also completed all the steps.


I can't find my friends activity anymore and what they are listenig to, how to fix it?Please help.



Same issue, only one friend showing on the friends activity bar, the others are completely missing.

Tried everything suggested, several clean reinstalls, log out, restart computer, updated OS and Spotify. Nothing works.

On Macbook Air BigSur

Spotify for macOS (Apple Silicon)


Friends listening on iPhones or Macbooks, they have no trouble seeing my and their other friends' activity. All of them have activity sharing On. Tried on different desktops and all of them have the same problem. I'm thinking it's a problem with my account. Can you fix it?




The settings don't matter, you can't even close it. Can't you put some "x" in there?
I want at least close this useless "Friend activity" space.




Ive been having a similar issue with the friend feed but I would like to go more in depth with my specific issue to try and help aid the process.


For me, about 3-5 weeks ago, all of a sudden my friends “Listed _ ago” suddenly stopped updating and gained numbers until about a month. Then, it just stopped displayed them on the sidebar at all. Now, it asks me to turn on my “Friends can see why I’m listening too” setting even though it is already on.


This same thing continues to happen after several re-installations, numerous update checks, and countless sign-in and outs. I’ve check with a couple friends individually and followed a few steps aforementioned by staff personnel, but none seemed to fix the issue. 


I hope this aids in the process to fix the issue, and I’d love to help more in depth if that is needed. Thanks for listening.


Same thing. For the last couple of weeks, only had half of my list. Today, just one of my friends appears on it.


This is happening to me too and it's really annoying...I had the right side page full of friends listening and now I have only 5. My friend who has the option ON is not even there. Uninstalled, didn't work. Been like this for days now