Full list of playlists doesn't load when adding a new song - Pt 2

Status: Fixed

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I couldn't reply to the original post after it was marked as closed. However, clearing the browser cache and cookies did not help. It's even behaving the same way in Firefox (latest version). 

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Thanks for letting us know, we're happy to hear this!

We'll go ahead and close this thread up now.
Don't hesitate to give us a shout in a new thread if you have any other questions. We'll be here 🙂


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Hey @mini_muffins!


Thanks for coming back with this issue. I've tried to replicate the same on a Chrome browser, but I was able to see all of my playlists displayed. Can you try disabling any Java or Ad blocker you may have? Also, let us know if using an incognito window does the trick. If nothing works, let us know the browser version you're using. We'll see what else to suggest.


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I've disabled blocking JS and it unfortunately still doesn't work. I'm allowing JS, Flash (will ask first), and third-party cookies. The version of Chrome I'm running is Version 63.0.3239.132 (Official Build) (64-bit) and my OS is OS X 10.12.6.


Thanks for trying @mini_muffins!


Just to confirm, is this happening with a private Internet connection like at your home, or at the office? Can you try restarting your Internet connection? If so, does that help?


We'd also like you to try accessing the web player with your account from a different device and Internet connection if possible.


Let us know how it goes.


Hi, @Julian!


I've seen this issue at home and at work on a VPN while using my laptop. I haven't seen this issue on the mobile app, but I don't have another device off-hand to use so I'll try restarting the internet connection first. 🙂


Hey @mini_muffins!


Did restarting the internet connection do the trick? Let us know if you have any updates.


If you're still having the same issue, let us know around how many playlists you have, and around how many songs per playlist.


Keep us posted.


Hi @Alfredo!


Restarting the internet connection didn't work. 😕


Out of all the playlists I am following, 72 total, I only created 11 playlists. Here's the number of songs in each of my playlists ordered from newest to oldest:

  1. 85 songs
  2. 107 songs
  3. 93 songs
  4. 94 songs
  5. 50 songs
  6. 53 songs
  7. 45 songs
  8. 83 songs
  9. 27 songs
  10. 25 songs
  11. 161 songs

Thanks for the info @mini_muffins!


Can you try testing this out on the desktop app to see if the issue persists there? If you don't have the app downloaded just yet, you can download it here.


Be sure to keep us posted on the results.


@SergioDavid I'll try the desktop app and get back to you soon


Hey @mini_muffins!


Just give us a shout as soon as you test it out.


We'll be right here waiting.


@Alfredo It took some time for all of my playlists to load as options when adding a new song, but no problems there. 


P.S. I badly wanted to post a gif of Bryan Adams but couldn't find a suitable one. le sigh

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