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[Galaxy watch app] Spotify app on Galaxy Active 2 watch stopped working after latest Tizen update

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(iPhone Xr

Operating System

(iOS 14,Tizen


My Question or Issue

After I updated my samsung watch active 2 to tizen it can't open spotify when I tap on spotify app it will show spotify and keep loading I've tried reset my watch reinstall my app and it still didn't work

Hey everyone,


We are renewing the investigation of this issue.


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no luck



now that Spotify haven’t answered in 4 month, I think it never will work again. 
but hey - I have a solution!

Tidal just made a app for the watch. And it works fine together with an IPhone. There is a little sound volume issue, but the app is really good and Tidal too. Tidal is free the first month, so you can try it out. I works fine for me on the running trips and I am now done with Spotify. 

happe new year everyone!!:-)


Mainly confirming what most have already said in this thread and throwing in some thoughts.


Just bought a Galaxy Watch Active 2 today, and I'm having the same experience with iOS 14.3 (iPhone XS, which has 4GB of RAM, so that's definitely not the issue in my case, since someone mentioned earlier that Spotify said 1GB RAM minimum and Samsung said 2GB RAM minimum if I'm not mistaken). Spotify keeps loading infinitely on the watch after pairing my Spotify account to the watch through the Spotify website. Tried pairing the watch with a Nexus 6P, and Spotify works fine. From what I can tell, the latest version of Spotify available through the watch and Galaxy watch app on iOS is 2.3.18 (released 25/8/2019). On android, the latest Spotify version available on the watch and Galaxy Wear app is 2.5.39 (released 20/12/2020).


It seems that being paired with iOS prevents us from getting the latest Tizen version of Spotify, which I assume is why we're all having issues. Accessing Spotify on the Galaxy store in a browser (through this link: also shows the latest version as being 2.5.39. Not sure if there is a compatibility issue between the newer Spotify versions and iOS (which is why we don't see the newer versions) or what, but my watch came with Tizen (or, and Spotify was working fine on that version until I updated my watch to Tizen and I could no longer use Spotify and all Spotify updates and reinstalls haven't helped. I reset the watch, reinstalled Galaxy Watch app, and nothing works (this was done before after testing the watch with the Nexus 6P).


Given that the latest Spotify version available to iOS users is 2.3.18 (released in 2019), I'm not sure why Spotify is taking so long to update the app to work properly for iOS users. I really hope they release an update soon, although it's looking very grim (since they haven't updated it in almost 1.5 years).


UPDATE: I've finally found a way to get Spotify working on Watch Active 2 (Tizen with iPhone (iPhone XS, iOS 14.3)!


DISCLAIMER: The method is a little more involved, but should be simple enough to follow. It also seems pretty safe in my opinion, but please follow this at YOUR OWN RISK. Also, the steps and required files are gathered from a couple of links and are not my own. I am only merging the information I found and linking the required files. Please refer to the following threads for source information:

- general procedure and steps:

- required Spotify file:

NOTE: you will need a PC/laptop for this method. I used Windows 10.


IMPORTANT: Before following the below steps, it is crucial that you uninstall Spotify from the watch. Otherwise, this may not work!


1. On the watch, go to Settings > About > Software and tap on 'Software Version' 5 times. A popup should appear indicating that developer options have been enabled (in my case, the screen went blurry for a couple of seconds and went back to normal). You should also see a new option in settings called 'Developer Options'.

2. On the watch, go to Settings > About and scroll to the bottom. Below the 'Battery' option, you will see text saying 'Debugging is turned off'. Tap on 'Debugging' in that text (notice that 'Debugging' is underlined) and toggle it to 'on'.

3. On the watch, go to Settings > Connections > Wi-Fi > Wi-Fi and select 'Always on'. Go back to Settings > Connections > Wi-Fi > Wi-Fi networks and connect to the same network as your PC/laptop. After successfully connecting to the Wi-Fi network, tap the Wi-Fi network name, scroll to the bottom, and note the IP address (mainly for reference).

4. On your PC, download Tizen Studio from here. As previously mentioned, I used Windows 10. However, Tizen Studio should have macOS/Linux versions (according to the Tizen website), so you should be able to follow the same steps mentioned below (with the exception of step 5). The installation process of Tizen Studio on macOS/Linux may be different, however.

5. Install Tizen Studio by running the downloaded .exe file and follow the steps to install Tizen Studio. When you get to the screen with the option to run Package Manager, uncheck this option and click finish.

6. Make sure that your PC is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your watch. Run Tizen Studio, then click 'Launch' on the window that pops up. The window will disappear and a new window will pop up.

7. In the top center of the new window, there is a drop down menu. Click on it and select 'Launch remote device manager'.

8. In the window that pops up, click on 'Scan'. Your watch should be found, with the listed IP address matching the one noted in step 3. Click on 'Connect' toggle to the left of your watch. Once the watch is connected, click 'Close'.

9. Download the Spotify app from here. Extract the .zip file. You should get a file called Spotify.tpk.

10. Copy Spotify.tpk to C:\tizen-studio\tools. Note that this path may be different if you modified the installation path when installing Tizen Studio in step 5. If this is the case, go to the installation path you specified during installation and place Spotify.apk in 'your installation path'\tizen-studio\tools.

11. In the same folder mentioned in step 10, double click/launch ansicon.exe. Type 







sdb install Spotify.tpk







 and press enter. Wait until the installation process is completed. (NOTE: If you are on macOS, this step is a little different. Please follow the steps in this comment instead. Credit goes to @haadee-nl for this step on macOS!)


NOTE: If you forgot to uninstall Spotify from the watch before following these steps, you can uninstall Spotify. You should only need to repeat step 11 to get Spotify installed and working correctly.


Now, you can launch Spotify from the watch and follow the pairing process normally. From my testing, everything seems to be functioning correctly. I can see my library and playlists from my phone, download them and play them offline, and use the Spotify widget. The Now Playing information is also in sync with Spotify on my phone, and pausing/playing from either pauses/plays on the other without issues.


I hope this helps and works for everyone, and we can finally enjoy Spotify on our watches again! Good luck!


Edit: Just as extra information, please note the following:

- according to the Samsung Watch app on my phone (Galaxy Watch > Apps > Manage apps > Spotify), this is Spotify version 2.5.39, which is should be the latest version for Tizen.

- I believe this method should also allow installation of Spotify in regions where the Spotify app is not available on the Galaxy Wearable Store. Don't quote me on that, however, as I have not tried this myself (Spotify is available in my region's Galaxy Wearable Store).


Edit 2: Note that you can also disable Developer Mode and Debugging once you have installed Spotify. Spotify will still work as expected.


Edit 3: Modified step 11 to include a link for macOS users to follow.


Edit 4: As pointed out by @bugra091 here and my corresponding response here , Spotify on the phone cannot be controlled by the Spotify app on the watch (for the Spotify.tpk linked in this comment). This has been crossed out above, as it is incorrect information.


mahmoudnashat solution worked for me! Thank you! ( His process )

(On an Active 2 using an iPhone SE)


@mahmoudnashat You are amazing! It works perfectly on my Watch 3 too! Tks a lot


@mahmoudnashat  You are a hero!!!!! I can´t explain how happy I am right now. It works perfectly. Thank you!!


@pacog01 @santiamoro @Tupungato  you're very welcome! I'm so glad to hear it worked for you!


@mahmoudnashat  Thank You!! It works perfectly.



@Deb412  You're most welcome! I'm so glad to hear that it's working!