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Galaxy watch - cannot connect to spotify on your phone




Samsung Galaxy 7


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 Had my watch for about a week now and I was able to connect via remote to my phone and scroll through my playlists and recently played, but today it seems to have a problem connecting.


When I open the app on the watch it says "can not connect to Spotify on your phone. please open the app there to continue". once I tap to the watch I get to the playback setting menu (choosing between remote and stream on wifi) and cant get anywhere else.

My watch is connected via Bluetooth and the app is open on my phone and I still get the message.


Tried disconnecting my watch and phone and reconnecting, turning the watch off and on again, deleting the app from my watch and reinstalling - none of these worked.


Anyone know how to fix this issue?

Hey all,


Issue should be solved now. Keep you apps up to date and try to log in again.


If you can't find the app in the Galaxy Store, be sure to check out this Ongoing Issue.


Have a nice day!


I have the same problem - using Galaxy S9 + Gear S3.


I don't think the issue is limited to the Galaxy Watch only. And the problem is with the latest update for Spotify on the smartphone itself. I have the same problem as you with a Samsung Gear Fit 2 and it's because of update I don't know what happened but it seems to break remote controlling Spotify via bluetooth connected devices, like your Galaxy Watch or my Gear Fit 2. And I only bought the thing for Spotify mostly. Please fix this.


Untill this is fixed the best thing you can do is download a previous version of Spotify and stop updates on the play store. I am using and it works perfectly.


Same problem with Samsung Galaxy Watch and Samsung Galaxy S9+


Install Spotify It's the latest Spotify that works properly with remote and also won't force an update to use the watch.


I either get a message 'cannot connect' or 'update the app' and in rare cases 'open the app' and then it opens Spotify in the app store. I really have no clue what to do.


Edit: Figured it out, thanks man!


Same problem here. Please spotify fix this!


Solution is already described and works, see here My comment with "how to" got deleted and god knows why but google how to rollback to an older version and you'll be ok. Atm you won't get any help from the Spotify guys.


The only problem left for me is if I have WiFi active on my phone I can't remote connect. As soon as I turn it off it connects automaticly.


The Spotify app on my phone updated on 11/27/18 and is Verizon and is still having issues. How do I go about reverting it to the previous version?