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Gapless does not work on Chromecast Audio

Gapless playback does not work when connected to a Chromecast Audio.


Using either a Nexus 5X running Android 7.0, or an ASUS tablet running Android 4.2.2.

Gapless works as expected with normal playback on the devices themselves.


Spotify version, Chromecast firmware version 1.21.74816

Thanks for that info @brokensitar


We're afraid gapless playback isn't available in Chromecast Audio for Spotify, but we'll pass on your feedback to the right folks and let them know it's an option you'd like to see. 


Let us know if there's anything else we can do for you, we'd love to help 🙂 


 Please reopen this as an issue. Crossfaded/gapless playback is a staple feature of most music platforms. Not having this when casting to a chromecast device hurts the use and appearance of Spotify.


So how can I find out where gapless IS supported.
Are there other devices or software that don't support it?
Regards Paul




It is supported on Xbox One with the Spotify app.  Not exactly as convenient as Chromecast audio, sadly.


If you'd "love to help" then why don't you fix it!


C'mon - it's totally unusable when listening to mixed albums if each track has a gap at the start.


Very disappointing Spotify!


Gapless needs to be fixed. Without it, albums are ruined.




Asot of Armin is not nice with gaps between the songs on Chromecast. Please fix it!


I wish Spotify would take this issue seriously. Both myself and a number of friends have complained about the lack of gapless on Chromecast and are considering other music services.


Signed up for spotify today and came across this issue. Looks like it's been a thing for a while... It ruins streaming some of my favorite albums. 


I can't understand either why Spotify is ignoring this serious isse. Marking it as "not an issue" is just unbelieveable.

I am a Google Play Music user for years where gapless via Chromecast has never been an issue, and am currently considering moving to Spotify, but this is a no-go. If this is not resolved I'll stick with Google.




If Google Play Music works does gapless, that may be a good alternative.  I won't be able to move my playlists, but it is still worth the getting gapless.