Gapless does not work on Chromecast Audio

Gapless playback does not work when connected to a Chromecast Audio.


Using either a Nexus 5X running Android 7.0, or an ASUS tablet running Android 4.2.2.

Gapless works as expected with normal playback on the devices themselves.


Spotify version, Chromecast firmware version 1.21.74816

Thanks for that info @brokensitar


We're afraid gapless playback isn't available in Chromecast Audio for Spotify, but we'll pass on your feedback to the right folks and let them know it's an option you'd like to see. 


Let us know if there's anything else we can do for you, we'd love to help 🙂 


Has anyone actually tried Google Play Music with Chromecast audio to see if it does do true gapless playback? As far as I can tell, the Google Play Music android app has never supported gapless playback of local files.  Does it work for streaming to a phone or tablet?  Does it work streaming to a Chromecast or Chromecast audio device?


As a keen listener of the Anjunabeats (progressive house/trance/deep house) mixed compilations, I share your frustrations with the lack of gapless playback through spotify via chromecast audio. I notice that hardware manufacturers like Sony, Onkyo and Nad are building Chromecast Audio in. Hopefully Google and Spotify will work together to resolve this in future updates...? Its a shame because I really like the Chromecast Audio. It's a neat solution which has enabled me to carry on using my Arcam hifi seperates system. I wonder if the Amazon Echo dot has the same issue? 


I agree it's more than dissapointing and will move to Google Play if it's not resolved soon.


I would also very much appriciate this feature! 


I can confirm Amazon Echo Dot has this feature (gapless playback) and so far seems to be stable! As well as being easier to use, you also have the option to connect your device to it via Bluetooth if using an app that doesn't natively support echo such as Tidal. 


I have the same prolem when playing on Google home. 


I use Spotify with Cromecast and find it frustrating  that there is no gap less or crossfade available when using the Cromecast,  espiacally when listennis to dance music. Thanks


How can this be NOT an issue? Of course it is an issue! It is unbearable to listen to these huge HUGE gaps (it used to be 1 second or so, but has increased to 5 seconds (!!!) in the last two months), especially when listening to a live album. Please reconsider finding a solution for this. Many, many listeners are facing this issue and some, including myself, will switch to another music provider if not solved.


Is there a way to see status updates on this issue?  This would be a really great feature.  Much of the music I listen to really needs this.


I forgot to mention that xbox one has this feature also.