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Garmin Smartwatches not showing BBC Radio Podcasts







Garmin Fenix 6X


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Hi all,

I've been enjoying Spotify on my Garmin Watch for a few weeks now, but sadly BBC Podcasts don't appear at all, despite the fact that I follow them on my smartphone.


The issue appears to be limited to the BBC.

Can anyone help with delving a bit deeper into the matter? I'd very much like to listen to the BBC's content via the watch as well.




Hey all,


Thanks for all of the info. We've let our tech team know, and they're investigating this. We don't have an exact timeline for a fix, but we'd recommend keeping an eye out for updates to the app.


Is there any update - I use Garmin 645music on latest firmware and bought it to listen to podcasts through Spotify but that has been rendered useless as cannot access BBC podcasts


Hi everyone,

I am happy (in a sense) that I am not the only one bothered with this issue.

As you see, it is marked as "Not now". To me it means that it is not being tackled - neither by Garmin nor by Spotify.


As a consequence I have personally unsubscribed from Spotify and will most likely not by another Garmin watch in the future, as a core functionality is not available.


Good luck to all


do you know any other way to synch bbc podcasts to garmin watch without
using spotify??

I don't know about BBC but for Norwegian public broadcaster I was able to download the podcast as MP3 files and then sync to the Garmin watch by Garmin express.

But I'm very disappointed that Spotify does not seem to be inclined to fix this issue.

thanks very much for the suggestion - i will try this work around with BBC

Has this issue been fixed? I'm having the same problem with the Rich Roll Podcast, "Unable to Get Content" message. According to Garmin this is a Spotify server issue? Garmin 945, Spotify Premium, Australia.


Same issue on Fenix 6 pro. For some reason it does not show BBC Global News Podcast in Podcast section.

I tried creating dedicated playlist - if it only contains bbc episodes, i can start sync and jt completes successfully, but playlist does not show up in play screen. If I add songs or other podcast to playlist - playlist shows up and shows up in Fenix Spotify app, but does not include any BBC episode.


I'm a keen runner but as phones grew ever larger and heavier i finally succumbed and bought a Garmin Forerunner 945 on the basis i could ditch the phone and just take out the watch knowing it had spotify, so i could listen to the wide range of BBC podcasts. 


i do listen to music on about 10% of my runs, but i'll now have to buy a rucksack to carry my phone for the longer runs where i want to listen to podcasts. i think the Spotify premium product is generally excellent, but this a major frustration and seemingly one that could be resolved if all parties exercised some goodwill and commonsense.  


i really thought i'd done my home work, spofity premium, offline access, plenty of memory and then this issue deprives me of so much quality content, to the point i fail to see the benefit of owning the watch. 



Garmin vivoactive 4 - Software version 4.70, connect IQ version 3.1.8

Phone - Oneplus5

Spotify version 


Cannot load BBC podcasts onto Garmin watch


Same issue with NRK yes. Frustrating... Would be nice to know if this could be fixed soon.