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Garmin Smartwatches not showing BBC Radio Podcasts







Garmin Fenix 6X


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Hi all,

I've been enjoying Spotify on my Garmin Watch for a few weeks now, but sadly BBC Podcasts don't appear at all, despite the fact that I follow them on my smartphone.


The issue appears to be limited to the BBC.

Can anyone help with delving a bit deeper into the matter? I'd very much like to listen to the BBC's content via the watch as well.




Hey all,


Thanks for all of the info. We've let our tech team know, and they're investigating this. We don't have an exact timeline for a fix, but we'd recommend keeping an eye out for updates to the app.


Just bought a Garmin 945 and can’t listen to BBC podcasts! 


Sadly it seems like Spotify has no intentions on doing anything with this...


The strange thing about this ongoing issue is that if you download the BBC podcasts to a computer using Itunes or whatever, you find that they are just standard MP3 files, so it's really strange that BBC podcasts specifically most of the time will not sync to these Garmin watches.


I do wonder if there is some kind of metadata in the BBC feeds that makes the sync process go wrong or something like that.




Is there any update or workaround for this?  It’s pretty poor.


garmin vivoactive 4.  
Firmware v5

Yes I use Garmin Express and can load my BBC podcasts through iTunes. There isn’t a way to do it through Spotify

Just canceled my Apple music subscription and now signed up to Spotify premium, I was led to believe that I could listen to my favourite BBC podcasts on my Fenix 6. OH NO I CAN'T, WHY NOT? 


This needs to be fixed asap. 

Also trouble with NRK podcasts not showing up on my Garmin watch. 


I also have the same problem. BBC podcasts not showing on my Garmin Forerunner 645. 


Really disappointed when I discovered this as listening to podcasts when running are a big reason why I pay my Spotify dues - but have to bring my phone to listen to BBC (which are most of the good ones)


Please can you update on when this will be fixed? Garmin said they can't do it their end.

Garmin Venu, software version 5.10, Spotify v 1.4.4







I have given up on Spotify fixing this issue. After all, when I was earlier in touch with Spotify support, they wouldn't even admit to being responsible for the Garmin app. The answers I received demonstrated a complete lack of understanding for the problem.


So far, my workaround has been to use Spotify for the podcasts that do work, and for the others download the mp3 files and sync via Garmin Express and USB cable. A cumbersome process.


But recently I have tested an app called Runcasts (it's in the Connect IQ store) for podcast syncing. It works as an additional music service on the watch (like Spotify), and there is a web page where you log in and subscribe to podcasts. What happens is that the Runcasts service downloads new episodes and compresses them, and places them in a queue. Then you just choose sync in the watch app, which automatically deletes played episodes from the watch and downloads new ones in the queue. 


So far, it works very well. I have not found any podcasts to be troublesome, and the sync operation is much more convenient than with Spotify. I find also the player itself to be better (better at remembering how far you'd come in an episode, rewind 30 sec button). Now the downside is that it costs $5/month for the premium version (which you'll probably need, since free is quite limited in terms of max number of podcasts etc.). But I think given the functionality and convenience it offers, it's worth it, at least for me.