Garmin Zumo connection issue





OnePlus 3T

Garmin Zumo 595

Operating System

Android 8.0.0


My Question or Issue

Garmin Zumo 595 connection to Spotify on my OnePlus 3T was working well with Spotify

Since last Spotify update, connection always fails.

I reinstalled old Spotify and it works with this version.

But not with last Spotify version.

Does anybody has the same issue ?




Hey everyone, 


We really appreciate your reports on this. We just wanted to let you know that the right folks have taken a look at this for you.


Right now, we're not able to provide an exact timeline for a complete fix, but we'd recommend always keeping your Spotify app up to date, along with your device software, to ensure you have the latest features and fixes.




Hey everyone,
I contacted Garmin when all this kicked off. They recently sent me the following:

"Thank you for contacting Garmin International. A workaround has been found to allow your zumo 595 to properly connect to Spotify. Please follow the steps below to connect:

  1. Power the zumo on
  2. Touch Settings
  3. Touch Bluetooth
  4. Touch Friendly Name
  5. Rename the zumo to zumo 595 (the friendly name is normally zumo, followed by the Unit ID).
  6. Touch Done

You should now be able to connect to Spotify."

I somewhat suspect the folks at Garmin have not fully understood the problem.
I tried their suggestion and for me, it did NOT work.
I conveyed this to Garmin who responded by saying it had worked for other users.

So, could I ask you all to try this and report back here please?
If it works for you, that's brilliant.
If it doesn't, we have something to report to Garmin who then might finally apply some leverage to Spotify for breaking their top-of-the-range and very expensive device and leaving us all hanging.

Thank you.


Garmin's workaroud unfortunately doesn't work for me. All my devices are up-to-date. 

Thanks for the quick reply.
The more of these we can relay to Garmin, the better our chances of finally
getting a resolution.

Gig Goer

That works for me I!!! had to do a hard reboot (hold the power down, turn off, wait, then turn back on)


Not an elegant fix, but I see the programming problem, I hope they fix it.  Would be nice if album covers show, but I'll survive. 


BTW, I'm on the beta Channel hoping that would help to see if fixes came around. 





Casual Listener

That worked for me too!!!!

All this time and this energy for a sharp (#) in a name!!!!

Thanks Hobbington and Garmin for this so trivial solution.

I wonder why Spotify was unable to find this easy fix in more than 3 months???


Thanks again,




Hey Folks

You haven't hered from me for a while. 

I while ago my connection was suddenly fixed after an android update to 9.0. Not sure why because with the most of you guys that didn't work. But any way, im still folloing the problem.

The friendly name on my zumo is;

Garmin Zumo 595

Gig Goer

@Guus1987 the friendly name has to be "zumo 595“ nothing else, can't captilize the letter or add anything else.." garmin zumo 595" will NOT work


Ow and by the way.. The spotify app on my phone is telling me now it has a connection with the zumo. It didn't did that before.

Not that it solve your problem, but is shows somthing has bin changed.


Aah ok.. well with me it does. 

I just tried the workaround it is works!!

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