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Garmin Zumo connection issue





OnePlus 3T

Garmin Zumo 595

Operating System

Android 8.0.0


My Question or Issue

Garmin Zumo 595 connection to Spotify on my OnePlus 3T was working well with Spotify

Since last Spotify update, connection always fails.

I reinstalled old Spotify and it works with this version.

But not with last Spotify version.

Does anybody has the same issue ?




Hey everyone, 


We really appreciate your reports on this. We just wanted to let you know that the right folks have taken a look at this for you.


Right now, we're not able to provide an exact timeline for a complete fix, but we'd recommend always keeping your Spotify app up to date, along with your device software, to ensure you have the latest features and fixes.





I had to turn the Zumo on and off a couple of times - I also removed the battery for good measure.
But finally, I got Garmin's solution to work.......!
You do need to be patient though - the connection seems to take a little while to go through.


Thanks for the zumo 595 info, it has worked for me.

I had thought I might have had to re-pair the 595 with the phone, but it auto connected.

Updated to the latest Spotify version and all I needed to do was disable Bluetooth on the Zumo and turn it on again.




Downgrading Spotify worked for me ONCE. Then tried renaming the friendly name to "zumo 595". Only after a LOT of work of going through the procedure several times, unpairing, deleting the bluetooth devices, rebooting, disconnecting the battery and so on, did I get this solution to work.


I did notice something of interest during this ordeal: The first time pairing my phone and 595, the 595 showed up in the bluetooth device list as "BT_zumo 595". After repeating all the steps again, it shows up simply as "zumo 595".


Worth having a look at if you're having problems with this method.






after months of daily reinstalling the spotify factory version, I read above and renamed my Zumo.
I upgraded spotify, and reconnected again, not working.
Then I noticed I could start spotify In the Shubert from the phone and disabled media in the SC1A bluetooth settings in my phone.
straight away the new version of spotify connected and could be operated from my Zumo.


Hi All,


I've not had any luck with the new friendly name for my setup (OnePlus 3T w/Android 8.0).  I see that this has been a very cumbersome process for some of you so I have tried many times over and over but still no luck.  Have tried factory resets on the Garmin, power cycling the devices, unpairing and repairing the phone and headset and varying the friendly name on the unit.


Zepapa, you mention starting Spotify in the "Shubert" from the phone.  I don't know what that is?  Not sure what else to try at this point...  I've opened a ticket wtih Garmin support and have been told that they don't have any record of issues with this connection so I shared a link to this thread.  It shouldn't be this hard to get the connection established!  It's quite I'm still running an older version of Spotify to be able to use this feature.







@gholl  What I meant is that I had a media connection between the helmet and the phone. (when I start spotify on the phone the helmet was the headset and produced the sound)

After I deleted this connection, the problem was solved for me, and in a way it makes sense, the phone cannot stream to helmet and 595 at the same time.

settings / connections / formerly connected devices / SC1a v2.0 (helmet) settingsbutton / medio-audio / choose off


I also schwitched off the contacts and calls off, now everything is through the 595.


on Sony, android 9



There is a workaround. You need to make sure you set the name of your
Garmin device to the generic name listed in the thread and it will work.

I consider the changing the Bluetooth name to be the solution rather than a work around. For years I've had issues using Spotify, the audio would stutter and basically was useless.
I re-visited using it just before this break in operability, worked fine for a month then boom, broke!

Changing the device name has worked wonders for me, it has been rock solid since. The best it has ever been.

Whilst not Garmin related, but in context, that other vendors have had the same issue. My Cardo Packtalk had a firmware update to sort out the same problem of non connect. In this case it was using their mobile app and the headset with Spotify.
My preference is to use the Zumo to be in control not the headset app.

I hope others can get their setup sorted.
My original config was using a OnePlusOne and an Interphone 5MC, now it is Cardo and One Plus 6T, Android 9 ( OxygenOS)