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Gear S3 - Tizen 3.0 - No way to permanently stop playback

In its current state, Spotify on Gear S3 after the Tizen 3.0 update is unusable: You can listen to and play music but when you close the app (using the "recent apps" button to close the application).  If you are done listening to music, and decide to make a phone call, use S. Voice or anything that requires the speaker, spotify will start to autoplay after the call is over.  This can literally be 6 hours after you have closed spotify.  


Example scenario: I went for a run yesterday morning.  Around 4 hours later I made a phone call using my watch.  After the call hung up, spotify started blaring the song out of my watch speaker while at work.  The *only* way to stop the playback is to uninstall the app.  There needs to be a way of stopping (not just pausing) music so it does not autoplay *every* time you use the watch speaker for anything.

Hey folks,


We just wanted to let you know that the right folks are aware of this, and taking a look.


Right now, we're not able to provide an exact timeline for a fix, but we'd recommend always keeping your Spotify app up-to-date to ensure you're on the latest and best version.

We'll continue to keep you posted here with any updates.

Many thanks for your patience, and understanding.


 Deafening silence from Spotify. They mustn't want our money or just couldn't care less. Maybe it's just too hard so they just to ignore the complaints. Pathetic.

in all seriousness, Spotify and Samsung, you have got what I think is a USP in the android market and one which I researched well and based my entire buying decision on. I would imagine that others would be doing the same thing and will continue to do so. 

is it not then worth the investment from both parties to resolve these issues or at least give us (the community) a way to proactively give you guys development feedback with testing and engage the community? I say this because this forum is not working.

perhaps a lesson can be taken from online gaming success and how they enguage I.e. PUBG. or WOW

the spotify app on the watch is far from finished, polished or without issues. a lot of manual intervention is required where it should not be required to get it to do what should be automated and in some cases, just function properly

in the begining I offered to help here ( for the record ) and that offer still stands.

I want this issue fixed and I want to keep on using spotify, it doesn't help me or anyone to keyboard bash spotify or the watch.

as essentially this is a spotify app the responsibility falls on you to resolve issues with the app itself (unless you tell me that Samsung developed the app)

I don't speak for anyone else but am sure others would and have been chiming in with something similar.

can someone from spotify now please start engaging.

to the community: please bump this if you agree

Yes this is a shame and its happening to me too. Please fix this so we can enjoy our spotify without the aggrevation of it auto starting after a call has ended on gear s3 frontier 😞


Same issue here. Without going into great detail, everything that other users are experiencing are the same as mine. I just bought the new Frontier Gear s3 a few days ago and installed a new premium spotify account. I will now be canceling my premium acct until further notice. I wonder how many other premium accts you'll lose because of this frustrating unresolved error?


I would like to also comment in hopes of getting this fixed. I have been a Spotify user for a long time and bought the watch specifically for the offline Spotify feature. I rejected a call on my watch while working and music started playing from my phone. Music that might be appropriate during workout sessions, but not work. Not cool guys. Please fix it. Please. I really dont want to uninstall this app and drop my premium.


Hey folks,


Thanks for the recent comments and reports! Apologies for the inconvenience caused here, we appreciate you bearing with us.


Rest assured we've gone ahead and passed all of this info directly along to our tech team.

They're looking into things, and we hope to have some more news for you soon.


Let us know if you notice any changes in the meantime.


Many thanks, and stay tuned.



Thanks for the 'update' Melody but seeing as these problems were passed along to your tech team in December and we are still waiting for a fix, I wont be 'resting assured' that a fix will be coming anytime soon.I also can't 'notice any changes in the meantime' as I have had to uninstall this app despite paying for a Premium account. We want a fix not hollow assurances.....


Agreed.  At this stage we need more then a stay tuned as it has been two months since the last 'stay tuned'



Thank you for the acknowlegement but yes it has been awhile and those of us who pay for premium service are frustrated that we are not getting a prompt fix for this.


I came across this thread looking for solutions as Im struggling with same issues. Unfortunately my only discovery is that Spotify customer service is useless and full of empty promises. Weather is awesome for running but the experience is ruined by the Spotify/MMR/Samsung technology. Wish there was an alternative as my whole decision to buy was based on the promises that it works