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Gear S3 - Tizen 3.0 - No way to permanently stop playback

In its current state, Spotify on Gear S3 after the Tizen 3.0 update is unusable: You can listen to and play music but when you close the app (using the "recent apps" button to close the application).  If you are done listening to music, and decide to make a phone call, use S. Voice or anything that requires the speaker, spotify will start to autoplay after the call is over.  This can literally be 6 hours after you have closed spotify.  


Example scenario: I went for a run yesterday morning.  Around 4 hours later I made a phone call using my watch.  After the call hung up, spotify started blaring the song out of my watch speaker while at work.  The *only* way to stop the playback is to uninstall the app.  There needs to be a way of stopping (not just pausing) music so it does not autoplay *every* time you use the watch speaker for anything.

Hey folks,


We just wanted to let you know that the right folks are aware of this, and taking a look.


Right now, we're not able to provide an exact timeline for a fix, but we'd recommend always keeping your Spotify app up-to-date to ensure you're on the latest and best version.

We'll continue to keep you posted here with any updates.

Many thanks for your patience, and understanding.


Hey folks!


We've merged these two threads since it's most likely the same issue.


We reported this on to the right folks. Fingers crossed we'll have an update soon.


Stay tuned.


Hi. I have the same problem, but the opposite (what am I doing here .?.). Well, I cant stop the app either. But my problem is that I cant hear anything. I used the spotify-app and samsung health before when I went fo a run. I started spotify in offline mode with an offline playlist. Then started samsung healt and went for a run. It worked great. Music and coach messages combined. But after the update everything is a mess. I do the same procedure. Start spotify, then samsung health and then start to run. For the first minutes it works (not as smooth as before when spotify faded out when the voice from health said something, it is more of a cut now). But after a couple of minutes (and a couple of coach messages from samsung healt) spotify quit playing musik. At least so I can hear it. The app looks like is is running (the paus-symblo is visble). I try to paus the music and hit the play symblo again. But with no luck. I then try to exit spoty by open resent apps and close it. Then click spotify again. But I am back to where a closed it. Its a real pitty, since it worked great before.


Hi, is there a fix for this yet?


I just got the watch today


Simply,  Whenever i get a call, as soon as it ends,  spotify will start playing....i then have to navigate to it and press stop every time.


This is a brand new and updated S3 Frontier and the newest download of the Spotify App.


Please let me know if you need me to try any troubleshooting steps outside of logg into another account because i need this resolved.




Hi Team,


Any update?


Hey @Biggy140886!


We don't have any updates on this yet, but as soon as we do, it'll be posted here.


All the best.


Glad I finally found a thread with others reporting on this issue. Thought it was an isolated issue, but it looks like the update messed things up for everyone. I just got my Gear S3 Frontier and I can confirm that this started happening after I updated. It is definitely annoying. After I end a call music starts playing even if I didn't have music playing before a call. I'd understand if it resumed if a call was answered during playback, but this is not the case. Please update! Spotify integration was one of the main reasons I got the watch. Also, please fix offline playback. Very buggy...

Status changed to: Under investigation

Hey folks,


Thanks for coming to the Community.

Just to confirm, is this still happening for you?

In the meantime, we've passed this info along to our tech team, and we hope to hear more shortly.

Keep us in the loop with how you're getting on.





Hello. Nice to hear from you and the status change. I have been in contact with Samsung regarding this issue. I heard back from them when the last update of Tizen was released. (there was a new version like two weeks ago). But that update focused on saving battery. And it had no impact om my problem. I went for a run last monday and it worked for 33 min. Then when a coch-message from Samsung health ended, spotify didnt return. I checked the app and it was still running, but I couldnt hear anything. The play/paus-botton changed symbol whan I pressed it, but there were still not anys sound. I did another round friday and the sama problem occured after 12 min. On the other rounds I used Samsung health and the musicplayer on my gear (converted my spotify-list to sound-files and exported them to my gear). That combination works great all the time. So for me, the problem is the spotify-app. Glad that it is under investigation. Please feel free to ask me more questions. And forgiv me if my spelling is a little bit strange (I do the best I can :-)).

By the way. Regarding the battery-usage, it droped from 45% to 16% in 44 min when I had my problems. I dont know if it is related, but it made me wounder. Is the spotify-app running hot?


January 14th 2018...Same here,  spotify starts playing music on my Gear Frontier after I use S-Voice.  Its very annoying. 

Btw....I LOVE SPOTIFY so please turn this into the best most bad **bleep** spotify watch app ever!


Please help... Spotify opens and starts playing by itself when I get phone calls.