[Germany] Unable to log in on app or app says "Spotify is Offline" when logged in





Operating System



So, I cannot log in to my spotify account in my home country, presumably because my app (along with my pc) crashed at some point and my session got corrupted in some way. All I get from the app is a login failure message (see attachment) regarding firewall settings (which is 100% not the issue). However, if I use a VPN and log in from a different country, everything works fine. There are no active proxy settings, of course.


Some things I tried so far, to no avail:

-logging out every account through the profile page

-removing all offline devices on the profile page

-reinstalling spotify (deleting all data I found in %AppData%)

-switching residency and switching back

-using a different ethernet/wifi card


Spotify on my phone works flawlessly, including logout/login. Are there any other locations Spotify might save data on my desktop besides %AppData%/Local and %AppData%Roaming or do I have to wait until Spotify decides to invalidate my previous session? Is there anything else that might be worth a try?


Hey there folks,


Thanks for your patience.


We've talked with our tech teams and this should be now fixed!


If you're having troubles, let us know in the relevant Help Board and we'll be happy to lend a hand.


Have a lovely day : ) 


Hi Katerina,

yep, issue is solved. One extra coffee for the tech team please 😃


Thank you.




Yes, issue is solved for me as well, thanks a lot!