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[Germany] Unable to log in on app or app says "Spotify is Offline" when logged in





Operating System



So, I cannot log in to my spotify account in my home country, presumably because my app (along with my pc) crashed at some point and my session got corrupted in some way. All I get from the app is a login failure message (see attachment) regarding firewall settings (which is 100% not the issue). However, if I use a VPN and log in from a different country, everything works fine. There are no active proxy settings, of course.


Some things I tried so far, to no avail:

-logging out every account through the profile page

-removing all offline devices on the profile page

-reinstalling spotify (deleting all data I found in %AppData%)

-switching residency and switching back

-using a different ethernet/wifi card


Spotify on my phone works flawlessly, including logout/login. Are there any other locations Spotify might save data on my desktop besides %AppData%/Local and %AppData%Roaming or do I have to wait until Spotify decides to invalidate my previous session? Is there anything else that might be worth a try?


Hey there folks,


Thanks for your patience.


We've talked with our tech teams and this should be now fixed!


If you're having troubles, let us know in the relevant Help Board and we'll be happy to lend a hand.


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Huawei Mate10 Pro and Samsung S10

Operating System





First Problem that occurs at my Girlfriends Phone and also on my Phone was that Spotify said we have No Internet Connection (in WLAN). In Mobile Data it worked fine. The Problem seems not to be our WLAN because everything Else works Just fine.

I tried the following Things:


Cache Clearing

Offline / Online Mode Switching

Phone Reboot

Deinstall and Reinstall


Now after Reinstall, the App doesnt even Open anymore. I get a blank black Screen and nothing works. Still doesnt Work after a second try with Deinstall and Reinstall. Complety Broken.



Hi there @j0w,

thanks for reaching out !


Please try all the following :

- Disable your firewall 

- Restart your modem/router

- Use your search bar to find "Command Prompt" then type in ipconfig/flushdns

- Uninstall the app, use any registry cleaner to search for any traces of installation, fix them and reinstall

- Use this help page to locate all accounts listed with your details to make sure you're logged into the right account in the right country


Please follow each step at the time then check the app for the error.

Hope one of the above would solve the issue.


Let me know how it goes 


Same issue. Problem started occurring this evening. Music stopped playing, can't log in anymore.





Tested so far:

- Reinstall (clean)

- Reboot

- Reboot router

- Flush DNS

- Disabled Firewall/Antivir




Same issue occuring here.
Germany. On the desktop computer (Win10) as well as on the phone (Android).

To me it seems like it's an Facebook-Login issue. Anyone else?

Flushed the DNS Cache, deleted Cookies, restarted Router, reinstalled, rebooted, changed on the phone from WLAN to Wifi and changed the Proxy.

I'm premium, so i'm pretty unamused about the stuff i'm paying for not working. Would gladly appreciate if a Spotify official could solve that. As it seems in older posts about that issue, they don't tend to answer nor help.

I'm not logging in via Facebook so that can't be it, but it definitely seems login-related.
I'd also appreciate some kind of feedback. No official channel even acknowledges that there's a problem currently.
Interesting all cases are in Germany.
Same on my side. With active Wifi, Spotify is telling me, that I am not connected to the internet. But that is obviously an issue of the spotify app. All other apps are working perfectly and can access the internet (Android 7.0 / Huawei P9 lite / Spotify Version Cleaning cache, formating external sd-card and clean install does not solve it.

Thanks for your suggestions!

I'm very confident at this point that it's not a problem with my router or firewall (turning off Win Defender/firewall makes no difference). As mentioned previously, Spotify works both on my Desktop+VPN and my mobile using Wifi on the same router. Seems to be related to regional settings or an old session, as I can use Spotify perfectly fine via VPN in France, but not in Germany.

My account is not linked to Facebook, so I should not run into confusion there. And again, same account works perfectly when using a VPN.

I tried flushdns + a different DNS and reinstalling after going through the registry, sadly no dice. Additionally, I tried resetting my accounts password, same thing.



I gave my girlfriend WLAN via MobileHotspot and it worked.

So i think the Problem is in the Router.

I resetted the Router but it still doesnt Work.


We changed nothing here, No Firmware Update or Something Else different.


PS: My Blackscreen Problem is solved after Reinstall.


Is there any solution for this WLAN Problem?


Status changed to: Under investigation

Hey there folks,


We've received reports that some users in Germany are having troubles logging in the app (Error code: 117) or the app appears to be offline when they're logged in (Error code: 4). 


We've passed this on to our tech teams who are looking into it.


If you're experiencing this, make sure to add your +VOTE and subscribe to this thread. We'll keep you posted here on any updates we have, thanks!

Status changed to: Fixed

Hey there folks,


Thanks for your patience.


We've talked with our tech teams and this should be now fixed!


If you're having troubles, let us know in the relevant Help Board and we'll be happy to lend a hand.


Have a lovely day : )