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Google Assistant opens alternate song versions in Spotify

I got a new car that supports Android Auto (and Apple's CarPlay but that's irrelevant to this) so I purchased premium Spotify so I can just tell my car what to play. However since day one (3 months ago now?) I noticed a lot of songs don't default to the studio versions of songs. If I use voice commands via the Spotify app directly they usually play just fine, but when asking Google Assistant to play songs, I get remixes or live versions of songs almost constantly. Some examples are "Deorro - Five Hours" plays the Chris Brown version "Five More Hours". Just today I used to say "Ok Google, play Faded from Alan Walker" and up until today it played the studio version. Now it plays a Tiesto remix. Rock songs constantly bring up live audio versions and overall is making for a very unpleasant experience. Is this an issue with Google Assistant or Spotify? Again, I get the results I want "inside" the Spotify app just fine typically, but not when I ask for a song (that plays via Spotify) from Google Assistant.

Hey all,


Thanks for your patience. This should now be fixed!


Can you make sure you have the latest version of Spotify installed and let us know if this works now? 


Have a nice day.


I am having the same issues. From what I have seen it is on all devices.

I have an Amazon Eco dot, a Google home mini (GH) and pixel 3. I only use the voice control on my Echo and GH. I have been asking both devices, "Alexa/hey Google, play Sufferjet City by David Bowie." The Echo plays the live version, the GH played the Red Hot Chili Pepper's version before I specified David Bowie, but after clarifying the atrist it played the sutudio remastered version, which is perfectly fine. I asked "Alexa play Sufferjet City studio remastered by David Bowie," and she can't find it. I know Alexa is dilumb in comparison but she just never gets it right.


Same thing is happening to me and my girlfriend on Google Home Mini.

Me: Play Rockstar by Post Malone

GH: Rockstar by Post Malone, sure. Playing on Spotify...

Song played : Post Malone Rockstar Remix


GF: Play Circus by Britney Spears

GH: Alright, Circus by Britney Spears

Song played: Cirus - Diplo Circus Remix


I was curious if it was just Google Home so I connected my spotify account to an Echo Dot and asked my dad to try some older country and blues songs and sure enough he told me to switch it back to Amazon Music because 90% of the things he asked it would play covers or weird remixes.



 I have the same issue and it started a week ago...  For exemple I asked to play Titanium by David Getta, got Titanium but spanish version, Then I asked the same with Sia and s till got the spanish version.  Asked to play Hurt by Christina Aguilera, got some dans remix of the song...


I read something about lower rowalty fees with those version...  If this is the case, I am thinking about cancelling my membership and go back with Google Play Music...


Same issue with Amazon Alexa. It's the single most annoying thing about using Spotify with voice assistants.


Me: Play Rockstar by Post Malone on Spotify

Reply:Ok playing Rockstar on Spotify

Result: Rockstar Spanish Remix 

Pixel 2 XL


"Alexa, play Rockstar by Post Malone" => correct version


Ok, so that's one that Alexa gets right and Google Home doesn't. But I still think it's 80% the other way around.


I have the same problem with several songs using the Google Home mini


I have the same problem. If I say to my Google Assistant speaker (in German, because I use the German Google Assistant):

"Play Alone from Alan Walker"

than a remix will be played of that song. I have no chance to start the normal version of that song using the Google Assistant.


The normal version of that song is in my song library, this remix is not in my library and I never listened to it before. In general the Google Assistant should prefer songs from my own library, if that song exists in it.


Same thing is happening with my Alexa and Google assistant.  I recently switched from Alexa with Prime Music Unlimited and never had this issue.  This is very frustrating to never be able to get the correct song.


My most recent issue using Alexa on an Echo original software version 628568420:


"Play Seek & Destroy"

It plays "Seek and Destroy by Agent Orange from Spotify"


"Play Seek & Destroy by Metallica"

It plays "Seek and Destroy, Live from Mexico by Metallica"


"Play Seek & Destroy by Metallica, studio version."

It plays "Seek and Destroy, Live from Mexico by Metallica."


So I look up what the song is called in the Spotify app and ask for that...


"Play Seek & Destroy (Remastered)"

It plays "Seek & Destroy (Remastered) by Jeff Foxworthy"


Seriously?!?  wth?!?


"Play Seek & Destroy (Remastered) by Metallica" and I finally get my song. 


So I try this...


"Alexa, play Seek & Destroy with Amazon Music"

It plays "Seek & Destroy (Remastered) by Metallica"


I try the same commands using Google Home Mini (Firmware version 141215) and get the "live from Mexico" version for each and every query.


As someone who recently switched to Spotify, this is very discouraging and will likely lead to a cancellation if it continues since it is the main way we access Spotify. 


I've had this issue with Google Assistant on Google Home Mini.


Command is "Play Broke by Samm Henshaw" and the song that plays is Broke (feat. Yizzy) - Rude Kid Remix by Samm Henshaw