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Google Assistant opens alternate song versions in Spotify

I got a new car that supports Android Auto (and Apple's CarPlay but that's irrelevant to this) so I purchased premium Spotify so I can just tell my car what to play. However since day one (3 months ago now?) I noticed a lot of songs don't default to the studio versions of songs. If I use voice commands via the Spotify app directly they usually play just fine, but when asking Google Assistant to play songs, I get remixes or live versions of songs almost constantly. Some examples are "Deorro - Five Hours" plays the Chris Brown version "Five More Hours". Just today I used to say "Ok Google, play Faded from Alan Walker" and up until today it played the studio version. Now it plays a Tiesto remix. Rock songs constantly bring up live audio versions and overall is making for a very unpleasant experience. Is this an issue with Google Assistant or Spotify? Again, I get the results I want "inside" the Spotify app just fine typically, but not when I ask for a song (that plays via Spotify) from Google Assistant.

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Thanks for your patience. This should now be fixed!


Can you make sure you have the latest version of Spotify installed and let us know if this works now? 


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I have been experiencing this with Android auto for some time. The following are recent examples:

Faded by Allen Walker

Thriller by Michael Jackson

Top Gun Anthem by Harold Faltermeyer


In all cases I had to search for the artist then skip through their songs.


I have also noticed that it seems to prefer 'remastered' versions over original so I wonder if there is a date factor in the search.


App is Spotify on Samsung galaxy S7.


OP checking back in, still having identical issues. I do like the solution the other user suggested in searching for the artist and skipping until the song I wanted comes up  :D. That does seem to work often enough.

A lot of times that does not work for me.

Also, the song "bad company" by five finger death punch is actually playing
"Canto XXXIV" by the same band.

I’ve been getting the same issue repeatedly.


Me: Play Safe and Sound by Capital Cities

Google: Safe and Sound by Capital Cities, sure

Spotify: Safe and Sound - Cash Cash Remix


Me: Play Faded by Alan Walker

Google: Alright, Faded by Alan Walker. Playing on Spotify.

Spotify: Faded - Tiesto’s Deep House Remix


Me: Play Believer by Imagine Dragons

Google: Alright, Believer by Imagine Dragons. Playing on Spotify

Spotify: Believer - Kaskade Remix


Me: Play Thunder by Imagine Dragons

Google: Okay, Thunder by Imagine Dragons. Here it is on Spotify.

Spotify: Thunder - Live/ Acoustic



I just also wanted to add that it still defaults to the remix even if I specify the album, knowing that the remix is not on the album.


Is it the case that not all search criteria are being passed through from the API? Does Spotify play/prioritize by newest version or the lowest royalty versions? I’m trying to figure out why I can only get it to play correctly if I select the right song through the app.


On a side note, it doesn’t seem to be as much of an issue with Alexa.


Thanks for looking into this!


@Olli0005 thanks for letting us know.


Could you just let us know your device model, OS, and Spotify version? 


Thanks! 🙂




Thank you for your prompt reply. 


This issue is not with the Spotify app on my phone but rather with Google voice assistants and what songs are returned with a given voice search. I’m not sure whether the issue is with how Google is interacting with the Spotify API or how Spotify is returning results.


The device is a Google Home speaker with system firmware version 137090.

"play cliff of dover" - plays live version

"play metallica hero of the day" - plays S&M version

Play running on empty by Jackson brown

Plays live version

It's not just with Android auto and whatnot. I have this issue all the time with my Google Home's (I have 3 in different rooms). Anytime I ask it to play songs it will always play alternate versions. For example if I ask it to play "Tears Don't Fall" by Bullet For My Valentine then it plays a acoustic version or Blood // Water by grandson it plays an acoustic version as well. This gets highly frustrating when you are just trying to listen to the normal song..