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Google Assistant opens alternate song versions in Spotify

I got a new car that supports Android Auto (and Apple's CarPlay but that's irrelevant to this) so I purchased premium Spotify so I can just tell my car what to play. However since day one (3 months ago now?) I noticed a lot of songs don't default to the studio versions of songs. If I use voice commands via the Spotify app directly they usually play just fine, but when asking Google Assistant to play songs, I get remixes or live versions of songs almost constantly. Some examples are "Deorro - Five Hours" plays the Chris Brown version "Five More Hours". Just today I used to say "Ok Google, play Faded from Alan Walker" and up until today it played the studio version. Now it plays a Tiesto remix. Rock songs constantly bring up live audio versions and overall is making for a very unpleasant experience. Is this an issue with Google Assistant or Spotify? Again, I get the results I want "inside" the Spotify app just fine typically, but not when I ask for a song (that plays via Spotify) from Google Assistant.

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Thanks for your patience. This should now be fixed!


Can you make sure you have the latest version of Spotify installed and let us know if this works now? 


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For is happening with Google Home.

One example is the song "Quiero mover el bote". If I search for it in Spotify, the top result (from Grupo FM) is the original song I'm looking for, all good. However, if I ask for it to my Google home I get the remix from "DJ Ariel Style"... Which does not even appear among Spotify results of the song unless I specifically look for the artist.

Shouldn't it be easy for Spotify to always get the top result of the search you are doing with Google home?



I think a previous reporter said it correctly.

There seems to be a trend with Google assistant and Spotify when asking for
a song. Either Spotify or Google are searching by date and pulling the most
recent matching result. As remixes and re-recordings come out after the
original, they then get chosen because of the more recent date.

It's a thought.

I have a VW Atlas that supports Android Auto. My phone is a Pixel XL. Before the Atlas, I would do my voice searches in the car through stereo-plug-in bluetooth device; the only constant being the phone. This issue happens to me all of the time.


Me: "Play 'One' by Metallica"

GA: "OK, playing 'One' on Spotify" and it proceeds to play the Live version with the SFSO.



For what it is worth...
I use Google Play Music on a number of Google Home devices.

I can confirm that more often than not it chooses and plays a live version of any tune I select.

So the problem appears to be the Google Assistant and not Spotify.

I've assumed that a smaller fee was paid by Google for a live version of any track. It was only today when thinking about it that I found this thread.

BTW, I was prompted to search today by saying, "Hey Google, play Mr. Rock and Roll" and got a live version instead of the Amy Macdonald album track.


Similar issues for me. I'm using it through my Google Home and with some songs it's almost impossible to get the original/studio version of it. The 2 examples that come to mind right now are:
"Play Me, Myself and I by De La Soul" - plays Me, Myself and I by De La Soul Tribute Band

"Play Bust a Move (by Young MC)" - plays Bust a Move - Don Rimini Ravekid Extended RMX


Surely it's a no-brainer to return the most popular version of a title, like Spotify does when requested through its own app or web interface?


I wonder if Spotify (or Google and Amazon?) has some sort of actual reason for this? Like maybe they pay a lower royalty for these obscure versions? Or they're trying to spread the revenue around to different artists and labels?

My wife has a similar theory about royalties playing a part.

Would be nice if everyone posting here would also vote for this issue on the top right of this page...
Spotify is not fixing anything, if this is below 100 votes!


Hey everyone,


The right team is still looking into this, and we'll get back with updates as soon as we can. Keep in mind that Spotify investigates any known issue regardless of the amount of votes. The votes are simply there for us to estimate the impact and provide info for further investigation. 


We'll hopefully be able to give you an update soon. 




Same problem here - using google home mini with my linked spotify premium account.


Hey Google - play thunder by imagine dragons.


Ok - playing thunder by imagine dragons.


Plays Thunder - Live/Acoustic.


I try telling it what album it's on, but it won't take all 3 commands. I can play an album, or a song, but not a song on a specified album. Can't think of any other work arounds...very annoying.