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Google Assistant opens alternate song versions in Spotify

I got a new car that supports Android Auto (and Apple's CarPlay but that's irrelevant to this) so I purchased premium Spotify so I can just tell my car what to play. However since day one (3 months ago now?) I noticed a lot of songs don't default to the studio versions of songs. If I use voice commands via the Spotify app directly they usually play just fine, but when asking Google Assistant to play songs, I get remixes or live versions of songs almost constantly. Some examples are "Deorro - Five Hours" plays the Chris Brown version "Five More Hours". Just today I used to say "Ok Google, play Faded from Alan Walker" and up until today it played the studio version. Now it plays a Tiesto remix. Rock songs constantly bring up live audio versions and overall is making for a very unpleasant experience. Is this an issue with Google Assistant or Spotify? Again, I get the results I want "inside" the Spotify app just fine typically, but not when I ask for a song (that plays via Spotify) from Google Assistant.

Hey all,


Thanks for your patience. This should now be fixed!


Can you make sure you have the latest version of Spotify installed and let us know if this works now? 


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I still have this issue with google home.  drives me crazy.  It's enough to make me drop my subscription.  I cant see a fix posted.  how was it resolved?

It still happens to me on occasion, depending on the song I request. It's
definitely annoying, I just don't know if it is Spotify or Google that
needs to address the issue.

This appears to affect Amazon, Google and Apple assistants.


It’s therefore highly likely to be a Spotify issue.


As I mentioned earlier in the thread... 

This isn't a Spotify issue as I have the same thing with Yahoo Music (previously Google Play Music).
It seems to have got worse recently... Any song I request as a 'seed' invariably ends up with a live concert by the artist being played...


Also getting this issue on Google devices. It seems to be about 25% of the songs I request now. 


@Daisy @This is still an issue about a year after the last comment

"Okay Google, play Without You by The Kid Laroi" plays a version that doesn't even appear as a result when I search the same text in the Spotify app. Of course it's some acoustic version.


I tried "play the album version of..." "Play the radio version of..." and even removing the artist name and "play Without you from the album..." and none of these changed the outcome. I live in a state where you get a fine for having your phone in your hand while you drive, so this hands-free functionality really needs to work.


If it's a Google issue (doesn't seem like it is) then Spotify needs to work with Google to resolve it. I notice that "Okay Google, play "XYZ" playlist on Spotify" does work, so maybe figure out how the request is processed differently between a request for a popular song and a user-created playlist and tracing back.


October-2022 and same issue here. Google Assistant plays the wrong version of the song more than 50% of times on Spotify. Instead of playing the original, it plays some wild remix that have like 3 views instead of the original with 231985409128509812 views. A good example is "Diamonds by Rihanna". This makes Spotify Premium useless for me because I only use it to play specific songs on my Google Home devices, and more often than not, it gets the wrong song.



This is definitely not fixed.

I'm still experiencing this behaviour when using Google assistant on mobile and asking for a song to play.

I ask for it by artist and song title and then I get the remix or some collaboration version. Spotify then brings up the screen below and I would select the one of the other options. Then go back, ask for the same song to play and it goes and plays the remix version again. I NEVER want the remix or live or colab version ever, unless I specifically ask for it! I can even try to specify NOT to play the remix or live version, but Spotify just ignores that part of the instruction.
I tested the same thing with Youtube music and they got it right every time!




Why this is marked as "Fixed" ?

It is clearly not fixed. 

I have Spotify premium. All the apps are at final version and still Google assistant choses another version of the song, remix or live version. 

This problem exists for several years already. And each time spotify answers "this will be fixed, update the apps"

Not happy