Google Home Playing Wrong Song

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I have a google home and have been using it ever since it came out in the UK. But recently I could ask it "Play river by Eminem" it would respond saying its playing "river by Eminem" but end up playing some other random song. This isn't the only song that this happens to.

I've tried to unlink my Spotify premium and readded it but the same issue occurred. Rebooting the device also didn't fix it? Any ideas?

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Hey folks!


After some testing on our end, we've confirmed this is expected behaviour with Google Home. If you ask it to just "Play Spotify" it'll continue where you left off with shuffle active.


If you'd like Google Home to play something specific, you can use the voice command to do so e.g: Play the Discover Weekly playlist on Spotify. This'll direct google to the correct playlist or album you desire.


If anything else comes up, don't hesitate to open a new thread.


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just yesterday the issue ( seemed to be fixed, but this morning it started playing "Today's Top Hits" again instead of my music.


So, everything back to "unnormal".

Unfortunately, I can't reopen the old thread, but you told me to open another, if the issue does become one again.


Would be interesting to hear if @Snorkel has the same problem, too, again.


I have the same problem. It starts to play a radio based on the song you ask for. But only if you ask for song by artist. If you ask only for a song it plays correct. But that don't work if there is many songs whit same name. 


Hi @Fleder


Mine has been fine... Until today. Just got the same behavior again. Now the horrendous 'Today's Top Hits' seems to be its default playlist once more. 

I wonder if @Alfredo@SergioDavid or @Leonardo who responded in the previous thread could have another look.




did receive support pretty fast the last time.

Now, no one seems to notice. 

The Premium doesn't really makes any sense to me, if I have to listen to charts/top hits.

I could just listen to the radio for free, if I wanted to hear this music.


I have 2 Google Home speakers and also have a Spotify family subscription.At first this worked brilliantly, but now when I tell Google Home to "play some music" it plays "Today's Top Hits" which is something I would never listen to in a million years.


At first it played things from my own library, so things that I like, which was totally fine. I really don't think this is any kind of improvement, and would be grateful for a fix!


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Hey @CMBAPPS and @joca, welcome to the Community!


How long has this been happening for? Does restarting your network connection after relinking your account make a difference?


Also, @joca, have you tried the troubleshooting that @CMBAPPS has tried so far? If not, give it a go and let us know if it helps.


We'll be right here waiting to hear back from you guys.



Its been happening for around two weeks. I have also tried resetting the wifi and the same error happens.

Thank you.



i have tryed the same troubleshoting. I allso get the same error on my phone if i say. "Ok google, play river by Eminem on spotify". then i starts Spotify on the phone but plays radio based on the song river.


Thanks for the info guys.


Could you all check that your firmware for Google Home is up to date? We also suggest checking to see if there are any updates for your Spotify app or OS.


Also, try reinstalling following the steps listed here and restarting both devices after that's done.


Be sure to keep us posted on the results.



Still getting the same error? After being up to-date on everything.