Google Home Playing Wrong Song

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I have a google home and have been using it ever since it came out in the UK. But recently I could ask it "Play river by Eminem" it would respond saying its playing "river by Eminem" but end up playing some other random song. This isn't the only song that this happens to.

I've tried to unlink my Spotify premium and readded it but the same issue occurred. Rebooting the device also didn't fix it? Any ideas?

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Hey folks!


After some testing on our end, we've confirmed this is expected behaviour with Google Home. If you ask it to just "Play Spotify" it'll continue where you left off with shuffle active.


If you'd like Google Home to play something specific, you can use the voice command to do so e.g: Play the Discover Weekly playlist on Spotify. This'll direct google to the correct playlist or album you desire.


If anything else comes up, don't hesitate to open a new thread.


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Hey @Fleder & @Snorkel! Thanks for reporting this!

It sounds like someone might be using your account. The steps from this article should help, could you give them a shot? Let me know how you get on.

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Just to confirm, is this happening to a specific song? Also, are the songs available on Spotify or are they part of your local files?


Keep us posted.




Hello and thanks for attempting to help!

I can verify that no one else is using my account.

I changed my passwords 2 times recently and because I have two-factor auth and I am using FB to log in, I am certain, no one else is using it.

Also, it would show in the desktop app, listing songs I would never listen to, which is not the case.

Everything is as it used to be, but the "play some music" command is just not doing what it did before.


It plays Todays Top Music instead of Release Radar or Discover Weekly. So, no one else is using my account if the Spotify app is playing the wrong music, or Google Home tells Spotify the wrong commands.


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I agree with @Fleder that the symptoms don't suggest a hacked account. There's nothing in my Recently Played, Daily Mixes or Release Radar to suggest anyone other than me is using my account. The issue is purely the default playlist chosen by Spotify when Google Home is asked to simply 'play some music', when it invariably goes to Today's Top Hits (which I have never voluntarily listened to). 

It never used to do this, and appeared to be briefly solved when mods looked into it after @Fleder raised the issue a couple of weeks ago. However, the behaviour returned after a few days.

Since @Fleder and and now @lucicle as well appear to be having precisely the same issue (specifically with Google Home/Spotify), I'd suggest there's somethign in Spotify's Google Home integration that's causing it to happen.


Happens to all songs on spotify if I say play song XX by artist XX. But if I say play song XX it plays the song correctly.

Same on Google home and on my android phone. 


I also posted this in the Google Home forum in case it is something at their end which has changed but haven't had any useful replies! I'll report back if I hear anything interesting that may help others.


i am also having this problem, it's horrible!


i used to just say "play music" and it would default to my 'Discover Weekly' playlist. which was fine, and at least personalised to my tastes. now it always plays 'Today's Top Hits' which is the absolute worst collection of noises.


i had given up with "play music", and started asking it to "shuffle my spotify library" which would at least used the saved songs in my library. but now EVEN THAT COMMAND sends it to 'Today's Top Hits'.


there is no way to escape this awful playlist!


now i either always ask for discover weekly specifically by name, or i give up on the voice commands and use the Spotify app to cast my shuffled library ('All Songs') to the speaker.


can someone help?! according to Google, they have changed nothing on their side relating to Spotify.


Hi there, one workaround I have found is to ask it to 'play my library' - this at least plays things that I have added and like, though it's a bit hit and miss. I mean, I do like Jesus Christ Superstar but some of the songs are a bit alarming when they suddenly drop in next to some nice mellow old-fashioned jazz! But you say this is also sending you to "Today's Top Hits" which is kind of alarming - will have to try this and see what happens.


It would be nice to have an option within Spotify to exclude playlists from ever being played. Because "Today's Top Hits" is just awful and I never want to have to accidentally listen to it again! PLEASE, Spotify, whatever you have done it would be great if you could change it back!!


hi @lucicle, thanks for the tip! i just tried "play/shuffle my library" rather than "play/shuffle my spotify library" and it worked -- it went to my library instead of going to 'Today's Top Hits'! least for now 😛


i guess including 'spotify' in the sentence throws it off somehow (though only since the last month or so).

i'm just glad to have a workaround to access my 'saved songs' / 'all music' / library again.


hopefully one day we can reclaim "play music" for an actually personalised selection rather than that 'Today's Top Hits' trash.


@cl114c0777498d, 'play my library' is working for me (it just picks random stuff from my library so no need to shuffle).