Google Home Playing Wrong Song

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I have a google home and have been using it ever since it came out in the UK. But recently I could ask it "Play river by Eminem" it would respond saying its playing "river by Eminem" but end up playing some other random song. This isn't the only song that this happens to.

I've tried to unlink my Spotify premium and readded it but the same issue occurred. Rebooting the device also didn't fix it? Any ideas?

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Hey folks!


After some testing on our end, we've confirmed this is expected behaviour with Google Home. If you ask it to just "Play Spotify" it'll continue where you left off with shuffle active.


If you'd like Google Home to play something specific, you can use the voice command to do so e.g: Play the Discover Weekly playlist on Spotify. This'll direct google to the correct playlist or album you desire.


If anything else comes up, don't hesitate to open a new thread.


All the best.


Pleased it worked for you @cl114c0777498d! But I totally agree - play music is pointless as a command if it sends you to stuff you don't like and would never voluntarily listen to.


@joca, thanks for getting back to us with this info.


Let's try removing the Spotify account from your Google Home and linking it again. Also, let's make sure Spotify is set as the default service. You can find all the steps to do this here.


Let us know how it goes.



I have been having the same issue, I just want to play a certain song and it just plays the radio for that song and not the song I requested, is there any way to disable radios? This is very frustrating as I just want to play the song I'm requesting.


Hi @Fleder@lucicle@cl114c0777498d,

This morning mine appears to be working properly. Asking Google to 'play Spotify' sends it to the 'Discover Weekly' playlist rather than the abysmal 'Today's Top Hits.' It might be worth checking yours to see if you have the same behaviour.

However, having not heard anything from the Spotify people, I'm not completely convinced that it's a permanent fix. Discover Weekly is updated on Mondays, so might have been temporarily prioritised because it's new today. Similarly, I've had the 'Release Radar' playlist appearing as default on the last two Fridays, the day it's updated, but each time the default playlist has reverted to 'Today's Top Hits' soon afterwards.

Let's see how things go over the next few days. Spotify people, if youre listenening, please don't  class this as 'Fixed' yet (as happened with the last thread relating to this problem)...





Hi @Snorkel, I just tried both 'play music' and 'play Spotify' and both went to the playlist I had most recently been playing on my phone, which is totally fine by me! Hopefully it will stay this way, though I will definitely be back if I get any more of that dreadful "Today's Top Hits" business...


I'll try again over the next few days and see what results I get.


Hey @Jimy98, welcome to our Spotify Community!


We'd recommend trying with the possible solutions we've posted so far here. Let us know if they help you out. Also, there's no way to disable the radio stations. We'll pass on your comments about that.


Take care 🙂


@Snorkel @lucicle @cl114c0777498d

I tested "play music" and "play spotify" and also "play some music" and all three start playing "discover weekly".

So far so good. I am just not really convinced that it will stay that way, as it has been like this before...

Let's see how long this will work.


I have Google-Home, used to work very well with Spotify until recently.


I now tell it: "Hey Google, play River by Eminem"... 

Google home responds with "Ok, playing River by Eminem on Spotify"...

Google home then plays a completely different song "One More change by the Notorious B.I.G Feat. Faith Evans"....


It's a little frustrating.


Google Home is clearly recognising the right song as it says on it's reply, however, it seems that Spotify is getting the wrong song for some reason


Would appreciate if this could be investigated.









Hello @SergioDavid,

 I reset both Google Home, made sure Spotify, Google Home and Google Apps are at the latest release and tried again. It is again back to playing the wrong (Todays Top Hits) music instead of release radar or discover weekly.


This is really frustrating...


Hey @Fleder!


If you play a different playlist using a different device before asking Google to play music, does it still play Todays Top Hits?


Keep us posted.