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Google assistant not playing personalised playlists






Nest hub, home mini


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Ever since Spotify wrapped 2021 came out, my nest devices no longer play my personalised playlists via voice commands. I can see the command come up on my next hub (eg hey Google Play my playlist top songs 2017), but it simply ignores it and plays something that sounds similar. People are reporting this issue on the Google community forums too.

Hey there,


Thanks for all the help in resolving this. We're happy to announce that this should now be fixed.


If you still experience this hindrance, make sure you're using the latest version of both the Google and Spotify software and if so, post in the relevant help boards.




Shame on you. Spotify.

Is it so hard to fix it? Really?


Dear Spotify.

That you cannot fix (even a quick delete, then adding a feature to prevent keywords being used by a scum like Luis Masters) something so simple, is sad. 


That you allow this person to play the system, is also sad.


You clearly need some help with this.  


Time for me to depart Spotify and try another music service.


It's shocking that imitating the official playlists in order to manipulate listeners into views doesn't violate a TOS term. 


Add this person to the list of bad actors manipulating the voice assistant


It keeps tripping up my Discover Weekly playlist 


@MihailY You had asked for the exact speaker models we’re using a month or so ago, so I’m commenting to help: I have three Google Nest Audio speakers and two Google Nest Minis, all with the latest firmware, and the issue exists on all of them. I recently completely removed Spotify from everything, including my phone, Google Home, and all of my other devices. Then, I removed all of my speakers from Google Home (which initiated a factory reset), unplugged them, and added them back and updated them. Finally, I re-added Spotify to everything. After all of that, plus clearing caches and whatnot along the way, the issue persisted.

I’m sure this is a more difficult issue to solve than it seems at the surface. I don’t know anything about your API, so I don’t have any meaningful suggestions, unfortunately. I’m happy to help however I can though! This issue drives me bonkers sometimes. 🙂

This behavior is also present when I try to give commands to my Google
assistant on my Google Pixel 6 Pro.

One year later and this is still under investigation?!

Just remove the offending albums already. Or rename them and add a " the album" suffix. Or make sure your api always prefer the official playlists when in doubt, if you absolutely must do it the hard way.


This is just like that old monty python skit with the dead parrot... but not in a fun way.



@MihailY @Kiril Has any progress been made on this? Does your team need any more information? This is still an issue for me.

In the last couple of weeks, my Google Nest Hub does not recognize requests to play personal Spotify playlists, even though I am a Spotify Premium subscriber. It does work with requests of my Google Mini. I have removed apps and reinstalled, cleared caches, rebooted. I am troubleshooting with Google, but they also recommended that I check with Spotify.






Google Home Mini, Huawei Android 10, Windows 11

Operating System

Android 10, Windows 11


My Question or Issue

For the last couple weeks, every time I ask Google to play Spotify on my Stereo it plays some random song like Stereo Love or Fort Minor (both of which who I don't listen to) instead of playing my last played list.


Even if I pause the playlist, go eat lunch, come back and tell it to play, it just plays some other random song that's not related to what I was listening to, or what I listen to in general.


The Google Home Mini is in my office and has it's own account that is not shared with anyone (both Spotify and Google Home account) so it's not like someone else is asking it to play a song on my Google Home Mini and it's confusing them for me. Office is separate from the house and I'm the only one in there so there's no chance of it overhearing someone else...


Audio is played over Chromecast Audio (Stereo) or Chromecast Google TV (TV). Both exhibit the same problem.


Ideas or suggestions would be appreciated.