Google home mini out of stock [CANADA]






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I recieved the offer for the google home mini with the email, but when I go to checkout the google home minis are out of stock. Does this mean I won’t get my device or will I have to wait?




Hey folks,


Thanks for your reports on this issue.


This should now be fixed for everyone!


All users who registered for the bundle should receive a code from us and will then be able to order via Google Store as normal.




same here


i kept refreshing the page and it finally let me add it to my cart but than i tried to check out it said my code has been added and after it said device out of stock again 



Hit refresh a few (dozen) times. I was able to order one after hitting refresh for a few minutes.


i read about a few ppl doing that and they got an email after saying ur order has been canceled and when u try to do it again it says ur code has already been redeemed

I have a confirmation email from google for completing my purchase of $0.
If I get another email saying it’s been canceled, I’ll let you know... and
I’ll also let google know 😉

Same! I added to cart then after I was bumped out. 😕 Trying to refresh with no luck! I'm hoping the charcoal one will be available soon at least. 


Any official resolution?


Have you guys been able to solve it on your phone. I keep refreshing and it’s not working. Disappointed that I was told my item is available but I can’t even order it, the charcoal keeps on saying coming soon and I can’t add it to my basket. Pls help



Same here


I had the same issue! I went through and it said out of stock but then I went on the actually google store website and they hadn’t run out of the google home mini on there and so I added it to cart and went back to the Spotify email to see if that worked and it did. However I didn’t realize we would need our credit card information (which I found a little weird that they needed because we didn’t need to pay them anything) and so I let the link open and when I went back it said out of stock!! It’s not our fault that it took like 4 days for us to get the email?!