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Home tab shows up as offline on Apple CarPlay

Hey folks,


We’re seeing reports that Home tab on Apple CarPlay show no content, but the error message “Spotify is offline - you can play downloads from Your Library" appears. 


This is now being investigated. 





Hey folks,


Thanks for your patience while we looked into this issue.


We’re happy to say that this should now be fixed for everyone! Just make sure your app is updated to the latest version.


If you're still having trouble, make sure to post a new thread in the relevant help board here.



The Home tab shows a blurb saying "Spotify is offline" then right under it also says "You can play downloads from Your Library". The rest of the Spotify functionality still works on CarPlay. However, the Home tab just doesn't show any tiles.

In CarPlay, Spotify home tab says "Spotify is offline - you can play downloads from Your Library". The rest of the Spotify functionality still works on CarPlay. However, the Home tab doesn't show any tiles or any non-downloaded music options. This started happening to me today (12/16/2022). CarPlay display says Spotify offline. I can play downloads from my library. In spite of this "offline" message, I can stream fresh (not downloaded) music from my phone (just not via CarPlay interface). But even when that is playing just fine, Spotify still says offline. If I turn off cellular data for Spotify, then turn it back on there is no change. Uninstalled Spotify App. Cleared cache. Rebooted phone. Re-downloaded and reinstalled. Same outcome. Everything on Carplay works as intended except Spotify since past 24 hours. iOS 16.2 Spotify ver. not listed in app on phone, but from Apple App store it is ver 8.7.92


BTW, Apple Music streams just fine.  It's only Spotify that thinks it's not online.  Unreported CarPlay bug with iOS 16.2?

And turning off EQ in Music settings made no difference.


Since the last update of Spotify, my iPhone 13 Pro no longer shows the "Start" menu in Carplay. Instead it says "Spotify is offline". However, I am not offline, as I can otherwise use Spotify normally via USB/Carplay. All other menus work fine as well. Only on the Start Screen this error is displayed and there is no content. I have tried everything possible (updates and reinstalling iPhone, Spotify app, Carplay, Mobile connection...). Now tried my wife's iPhone 11 Pro: it works normally with the same settings (Home menu is displayed). I do not know what to do. Sure, it's not a big issue since Spotify with Carplay works otherwise, but I would like to have all functions available. Does anyone have an idea?


iPhone 13 Pro, iOS 16.2
Spotify version


Measures (without success):
Spotify: App reinstalled, Equalizer turned off, Check Offline mode
iPhone: reboot & hard reset, reset network settings, reset Apple Carplay, reset Media Car System


On a second iPhone (11 Pro) with exactly the same setup, this error does not occur.




Ich habe genau das gleiche Problem. iOS 16.2 mit dem IPhone 14 pro 


Das komische ist das man vom Handy aus Tracks suchen und abspielen kann. Es wird aber keine Startseite angezeigt. Nur halt als offline.


Commenting since I am encountering the exact same issue - hoping for a quick resolution 🙂


Same on my iphone 13 pro.
Spotify shows offline in carplay.


Mine says the same thing and I have an iPhone 13 as well


Sorry my Post earlyer was in german.


I have the Same Problem. iPhone 14 pro with iOS 16.2