How do we change the Daily Mix bands/feel?



I enjoy the concept of the new Daily Mix feature. 4 mixes that have random songs based with the same feel / genre / band type.


The only problem that I have is that out of the 4 mixes, Mix 1 is Ok, but not really what I want to hear daily. Mix 2 include some songs that I may listen to for an hour a month. Mix 3 and 4 or completely out of left field. i gave them a chance but find I dislike almost every song and hide almost every band. They are pretty bad for my tastes.


I would like to know how to set some type of band / genre preference in each mix. Right now, out of my 4 mixes, 1 is Ok. There other 3 really have to go.


Lastly, if these are daily mixes, why do i hear the same couple songs daily that I never marked as "liked"?



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Hey @carabs!


Thanks for letting us know about this. The Daily Mix is a group of playlists designed especially for you, based on your saved music. The only way you can improve them each day is liking or disliking the songs in the Mix. This way, the playlists will be ever better for you. 


Take care!


Thank you for the reply.


You mentioned that I am seeing these "based on your saved music". That seems a bit off to me since Mix 3 and Mix 4 are far from any songs / albums / genres that I listen to daily or have saved offline on Spotify. Mix 2 contains songs / genre that I may have on once a month, but not something I listen to daily. I have thousands of songs downloaded, 15 or so play lists, many radio stations, and have been streaming music for a good 10 months or more. The genre / style of music selected is.. well far from anything I would listen to. It really seems that that algorithm that initially picked these songs are way off.


I have given, and will keep giving, "liking or disliking" a chance to allow your system to know what I like. I have down voted songs and removed almost all the bands so far based on what you have said to do. Today alone I have down voted a few hundred songs and completely removed most the bands. We'll see how it goes. But I can not see how doing this will switch genres completely. Plus having to do this for multiple days is not really thinking about the user experience much.


I do hope that in the (near) future, Spotify improves this feature with some type of a large "reset" functionality. Or maybe even by allowing for some type of seed. At that point it would just become another "radio" station which we already have. But something needs to be exposed to the user once the choices are just way off.


Hi @carabs!


We really appreciate your feedback and we'll make sure to pass it on to the right team. Any other questions that you have, remember that the Community is here for you.


Have a great week. 

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Music Fan

It would nice to know a fix for this as one of my Daily Mix genre's went from being hard rock stuff like Tremonti, Five Finger Death Punch, etc., to some worthless **bleep** mix with Marroon 5, Fall Out Boy, etc., which is **bleep** to me.  

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