Hulu account cancelled after signing up for bundle

Hey folks, 


We've had some users reporting that their subscription was cancelled after signing up for the Spotify Premium + Hulu bundle. 


Please know we're investigating and we will update you as soon as we can. 


Thanks for your patience!

Hey folks, this should be fixed for you. If you're still having trouble with your account please get in touch with us via our contact form. 




I paid for the spotify premium plus 3 months of hulu for 99 c...and it worked for 1 day. Now hulu is telling me I need to subscribe? My account was charged for hulu and premium, so I don't understand the problem. Please fix this before I end up cancelling premium too.


I added Hulu to my Spotify subscription yesterday and went to watch it today but I was greeted with "Start your free trial" after signing into Hulu (with the account I linked already).  I contacted Hulu's support and they told me it was cancelled on Spotify's end.  Here's a transcript of their replies:


"So from what I can see it was canceled out on Spotify end. Not sure as to why since it doesn't state why."


"You would need to contact spotify and find out as to why it was canceled out. If not you can also just try to set up the account again however you would need to use another email to do so."


However, on my Spotify account I still have "Spotify Premium with Hulu" as my subscription.  Can I get this fixed please?


I called Hulu because everytime I logged in it would ask me what package I wanted but I just got the Spotify Preminum/Hulu package. It worked the first night and now it doesn't. I called Hulu and they said they are aware of the issue and that we can give you a two week trial for now to let the account be used but spotify needs to connect the accounts. I need help so I can get the deal  any solutions?


I had the exact same thing happen today. I've definitely lost my Hulu subscription, but my account shows Spotify Premium with Hulu.


How do we fix this?


When I go to Hulu app, it wants me to sign up for plan, but i have plan through Spotify, contacted Hulu, they canceled subscription and said renew, so i did, still wants me to sign up for Hulu. Any help?


I'm having the exact same problem


Having the exact same issue...after chatting with 2 different reps from Spotify and 2 hours, no resolution other other than try again in 48 hrs....very frustrating!


Well it's at least something to know that it may be a temporary glitch. I just checked and Hulu is still asking me to sign up for a free trial when I log in.  I presume Spotify representatives browse these boards and flag issues, is that correct?

Status changed to: Under investigation
Status changed to: Under investigation

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