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I cannot see my friend activity or my notifications

I haven't seen it for months, what is going on? It's making me really angry, frustrated and sad.

1. First I tried going to my preferences and turned off and on the "Show friend feed" toggle button, didn't work

2. Then I tried reinstalling the app, didn't work

3. I also tried checking to see if I could see the friend activity from my phone, and I still could not see it!!

Please help, nothing seems to solve the problem. Give all, if any, suggestions for what to do

Hey @Aneurys,


We really appreciate your feedback in regards to this.


We'll be closing this thread for now, but don't hesitate to write us back if anything else comes up.


All the best.

Status changed to: Closed

Hey @heyheyjulie, welcome to the Community!


Can you let us know what device/operating system and Spotify version you're currently using?


We'll see what we can suggest. 


@Alejandro_C I am having a similar problem right now. I'm still getting push notifications on my Galaxy S4 (Android 5.0.1, spotify v. armV7) although they dont appear on the notifications page in the app, and on my PC player (Vista x64, spotify v. 'I don't have any notifications'.


Hey @Aneurysm


Can you send us a screenshot of your notifications page on your phone? Regarding the PC player, are you referring to our web player or the app? 


We'll see what we can suggest. 


@Alejandro_C I have a 2010 Macbook Pro and an Iphone 5s. Both devices are updated to the current IOS OSX programs and my spotify accounts are also updated. 


Hey @Mara_F, here ya go... Notifications in the android app are not up to date and the PC app used to keep an archive of my notifications but now I have nothing!


spotify 2.jpg


Spotify 1.jpg


@Mara_F@Mara_F Unlike @Aneurysm's problem, I don't have the notification bell at all! Like mine is not present, its gone, disappeared. 


@heyheyjulie We have some info about this here: Keep in mind that you still chan check what your friends are listening. Just make sure View > Friend Feed is ticked on the desktop app. If you're still not seeing it, try zooming out a few times. To do this, head to View > Zoom Out.

@Aneurysm Thanks for the info! Could you send us a screenshot of your notification settings over at: Also, send us the following info:

- On which channel the missing notification is expected (Email / iOS / Android).
- A specific example of a notification you expected e.g. 'I follow the Arctic Monkeys and didn't get notifed about their new release "AM''.
- When you expected it.
- Have you changed your notification settings recently?
- How long have you not been receiving notifications of this type?



@EstefanyA_Bog Wow! Zooming out worked for my friend feed! Thank you so much !


Woohoo @heyheyjulie! This calls for a celebration. Give us a shout if you need anything else 🙂 


@Aneurysm, we haven't heard from you in a while!


Is the issue still persisting? If so, could you let us know the info @EstefanyA_Bog requested to provide further help? 


If we've not heard back from you in around 24 hours, we'll be getting this thread closed up.
Keep us posted.

@EstefanyA_Bog  & @MaryC1 Hey, yeah  I am only receiveing push notifications on android about new relaeases . When I clear them they disappear forever.  I would still expect to see them in the Windows desktop player, but maybe it's because I turned on push notis for new releases the other day? I can't really remember if I changed that... E.g. I follow an artist called Enei and I did get an android push notification about his new album 'Rituals Remixed' the other day (16 September), but my windows notification list is still empty. Maybe I'm being a fool, this might coincide with a settings change. It's been happening for a couple of weeks now.  Thanks.

Edit: I'm going to disbale push for new releases and see what happens.