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I cannot see my "Your 2017 Wrapped" for my user.

After I log in with my user all I get is an infinite loading screen. I tried with a friend's account and that worked. I know it's not that big of a deal but I am always hyped for these end of the year statistics, thanks for any help.


Screenshot of the issue


Hey folks!


We’re sorry you didn’t get the full Wrapped experience this year. The good news is that we’ve made two personalised playlists just for you. Check them out Here:


If anything else comes up, don't hesitate to open a new thread.


Happy Holidays.


Hello! So today the new 2017wrapped was released and I wanted to try it out. However as soon as I authorize my spotify account with, a new window pops up and says "Unfortunately, we don't have enough data about how you listened this year to serve you the full experience."


But the thing is, that I have been using Spotify for the entire year and I was listening to music a lot on spotify.


I'd appreciate any help.


Spotify 2017 wrapped doesn't work for me because of an apparent lack of data despite me listening to spotify literally every day. So i'm wondering if there's anything i can do to make this work as i would very much like to see what i've been up to this year. i don't have the top hundred songs list either.


So I tried to access my 2017 wrapped playlist and analysis and I got a message saying Spotify didn't have enough data about how I listen to serve me the full experience. I'm just confused because I listen to spotify pretty much every day and have done so for years. It's okay if this doesn't get resolved but I've been looking forward to this all year and I'm pretty bummed out. 


I've been a premium user for years and I use spotify daily, it's really disappointing that my "year in review" won't work this year. Every time I try to access the page, it says there is not enough data to give me the full experience.

I have tried the Reddit chrome workaround, using incognito, different browsers, and on my mobile. Nothing works, please help. I'm sad I can't see my minutes listened to music 😞

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Hey @horseborn! Thanks for your post!

That doesn't look right! Could you try to view your 2017Wrapped in another browser or on another device? That might help. Let me know how you get on! 🙂


Have an awesome day!



I cannot see my "Your 2017 Wrapped" for my user too, I tried with my phone first and it doesnt work, then I tried with my laptop and nothing, I will really like that spotify can help me cause its not so important but I wait for this kind of playlist every year.


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Screenshot of the issue



Hey @joeyb1994!


Thanks for sending this screenshot over. Just to confirm, around when did you start using Spotify this year? How often do you use Spotify?


Also, if you head to Browse > Genres & Moods > Wrapped using the Spotify app, do you see Your Top 100 Songs playlist?


Keep us posted.


Hey @maax_png!


We've merged your thread with this one. Try following the previous suggestions and let us know how it goes.


We'll be right here waiting.


I'm having the same problem and I've been using Spotify for years. I also don't have a top 100 songs playlist under wrapped on the Spotify app.


Hey @roxyteeth.


Just to be sure, how often do you stream on Spotify? When you stream, do you usually use the Private Session feature?


If so, this is why we were unable to collect sufficient data for your Wrapped statistics.


If that's not the case, let us know.