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Inbox/sharing with another user disappeared

My option to view my inbox and share music with another user was no longer available when I opened Spotify on my computer today... the "share" feature only offers the option to share with my followers, and the inbox icon is gone entirely. How do I fix this so that I can send and receive music with other Spotify users again? Thanks!


Hey @annierafferty11, thanks for posting! 


The inbox was actually taken down, you can read the whole info here : ) 

You can also leave your vote and comments to this ideawhich suggesting bringing back the inbox


Thanks! I voted on the forum suggesting that they bring it back. Really bummed to hear that they took it away, especially without notice... I just lost years long threads with people. 

Status changed to: Case Closed

I too lost (without warning) a thread of songs and playlists (shared). So disappointed this happened...again without warning. I tried to "vote" but it is already "closed" after only 5 days. So strange. Too bad the data isn't retrievable. 


Yes, I've been struggling to find a way to very simply share a playlist with another user (but not through FB/Twitter or any other socials channel) - you know just how you used to be able to do it!! [Right-click playlist, share to follower, choose follower, done!!]


Why does Spotify insist on making retrograde steps with each update?