Incorrect shuffle algorithm in the Web Player

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Hello everyone !

Listening with new web player is good, BUT a long time ago I found a big problem, that I didn't find in the "Issues section" by some reason and it exists already half year (approx. since this time I moved to the new version). The problem is with shuffle algorithm that used in the new version.

I have ~1600 tracks at the moment. And when I click on any of first 50 tracks, it plays fine no problems and no pauses. If I will click on shuffle icon (to enable it) and then will start skipping songs, then you can notice it shuffles between the songs, that you currently preloaded (so only first 100 tracks (50 first + another 50 on background could be used but nothing else)). In the old version when you're click to listen for next song, it would just use pre-shuffled playlist with list of all songs that you've added into your account. 


Steps to reproduce :

  1. Open
  2. Make sure that you set "Shuffle" feature to "Enabled"
  3. Click on play icon of any song (don't scroll to the bottom to start browser preloading another chunk of songs from the list (well you can preload until 100th, but not more !))
  4. Skip the song (just press "Next")
  5. Check the number of song that it switched to
  6. Most likely it would be one among the first 100 tracks (first 50 + it beforehand preloads another 50, so in between 100 it will choose the next song and after next as well) 

Just after writing this, decided to look for it, so I loaded page and choosed song #5, so then I click on button "Next" and look for the next number it picked. To get the real result - try to not load next chunk of songs (don't get bottom of the page). So this is my queue :

5 -> 71 -> 3 -> 39 -> 7 -> 14 -> 4 -> 79 ... and so on. So where's the rest of 1500 songs that should be considered under the shuffle feature ?


So the question is : Does really shuffle functionality relies only to the currently loaded list of songs ? And might be this reason of why shuffle-functionality works only for local list ?


Because of this bad algorithm I have always to scroll to the bottom and preload list of all of my songs (until I won't reach my 1600th track) ! And then I could be sure, that it will shuffle among all of my songs. 


To community: Please tell me that I'm not crazy.


Checked client applications for Windows/Mac and looks trust-worthy.

Mobile version is also fine.


Hope to get feedback about how does shuffle works and how it really suppose to work.

Thank you everyone.

 Hey @user-removed,

Thanks for reporting this. We've passed this info to the tech team and they're looking into it. 


We don't have a timeframe for a fix, but we'll post an update here as soon as we have one!


Thanks for bearing with us.

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Hey @user-removed! Thanks for your report!


I'd love to get to the bottom of this. Could you let me know your browser and OS versions? Also, could you clear your cache and cookies and see if that helps? Let me know how you get on! 🙂


Have a great day!

On Windows tried with Chrome 60.0.3112.78 (now cleared everything and still same) and tried with same Chrome version on Mac(also cleared cache and cookies).


On Windows 10 it's Build 14393.1480 (Version 1607)

On Mac (Pro 15 2014 Late) it was tested on El Capitan (yeah I know it's not the newest but everything in the old version of web-player before was perfect).


And it couldn't be a problem with clearing cache and cookies because it already exist for a few months.

Problem still exist


Thanks for that info!


Could you try to log in to the web player using a different browser to check if this is still happening?


Keep us posted. 

Edge (Windows) and Safari (Mac) don't support new player, hence not possible to check.

But on Firefox (54.0.1 64-bit Mac Pro) I checked and it's also broken.

Same on Google Canary (62.0.3173.0 Mac Pro) same problem.


Could you please try it ? Can you also write, what is the the song selection chain you have (each subsequent number of song after clicking "Next") ?


Hey @user-removed!


Thanks for the extra info. I've tested the same on a MacBook Pro using Chrome and got the same results. When the shuffle option is enabled it never plays more than the first 100 songs. It's not cool that this happens, but we'd like to get to the bottom of this.


Let us know if you started to noticed this only after using the new Web Player. We'll try to gather as much info about it to report it.


Take care!

Yes , confirming that the issue is only with new player ( , the oldest works as expected (

Just FYI : But the issue exists already for a long time (since you opened access to the new version). 


 Thanks @user-removed!


Just to confirm, have you noticed the same behaviour on the app itself or only on the Web Player? Also, let us know if you get the same result when streaming from playlists or only with the saved songs.


Finally, let us know if using an incognito window makes any difference at all. We'll get to the bottom of it.




This odd behaviour noticed only in the new web-player.

Same result happens while streaming from playlists.


I used all the time incognito and now I decided to use usual mode and seem to be the same. No difference.



Out of curiosity.

Aren't these questions on duty of Acceptance tests, made in company ? Or at least QA/BA testers in the company ?

Status changed to: Need more info
Status changed to: Need more info

Hey @user-removed,


Sorry for the confusion here! Could you let us know if you're able test if the issue still occurs when using a friends account? This might be something we'll need to report 🙂


All the best,