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Issue with Submit a song to editors?

Is anyone else having trouble entering city data into 'Search Cities' tab when trying to submit a song to Spotify editors?


When I get to that point there are no dropdown choices so I can't complete the required field. Pain!

Hey there folks,


We really appreciate all your reports regarding this 🙂


We've done some magic backstage and this should be now fixed. 


If you're still having troubles, make sure to give it another try after clearing the cache and cookies memory of your browser. If that doesn't do the trick, we'd like to know. In that case, just head over to the relevant Help Board and start a new thread with the necessary info.


Have a lovely day!


Hello @melancholyheart and welcome to the Community.


Sorry to hear about this problem.


The full process is describe on this page


First of all, have you tried to browse in an incognito session ? If this still doesn't work, you will need to get in touch with Spotify for Artists on this page.


I hope this will help. Let me know if your problem has been solved.


Good luck 🙂



Same issue here. Incognito session does not help.


Same problem here, I thought I was doing something wrong, this is my first time submitting.

tried at 5am then 5 hrs later at 10am and same issue.


This did not help the issue, but thanks



Same thing here. The field with the problem is city:

  • Tell us where you’re from.
    This helps editors from all over the world find your song.
  • What city do you most identify with? *
    This can be your hometown, where you started making music, or where you feel the strongest cultural connection.

No city selection appears after typing, making the next button disabled. 


The error is a 502 Bad Gateway Error within the form itsellf: GET 502

Could not have said it better myself, Good Job!


I'm having the exact same problem, thought I was going mad!

Looks like a problem with the code!

Would greatly greatly appreciate any help on this one - my debut album is coming out in 5 days and this was my only shot at getting people to hear it 😞

if there is an update please email me at *snip*


Have you had any update on this I'm in the same situation!


I am guessing Spotify wil have this fixed by tomorrow for sure!

But Spotify needed around 7 days minimum in order to listen to listen to your music and decide which playlist is the best fit.

You may have to find a way to promote on Youtube quickly as a back up plan.


Sorry to hear that so many others are in the same boat, although I'm also glad I'm not the only one. I thought I'd done something wrong!


I contacted Spotify about it but never heard back, I'll send another email now.