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Issue with storage option switching from SD Card to internal






Moto X4

Operating System

Android Pie


My Question or Issue

 This happened with my last phone, Samsung S7 running Oreo (or whatever the most recent OS is) but it was fixed when I got the Moto X4. I like to keep a lot of songs downloaded offline because my service is terrible and I also spend a lot of time in the mountains. Before I I update my phone to the new Android Pie OS there was no problems. Now everytime I reset my phone I think spotify cannot see my SD card at first and tries to download all the music to its internal storage and I have to go back in and tell it to store it in the SD card. That is extremely annyoing but not the end of the world. What is really frustrating is that I think all of the downloaded songs are still on the SD card and just keep redownloading and taking up space. Eventually this will cause me to reformat the card which will be a major pain for me since I store a large amount of photos on there also. Is anyone else have this problem? I have already uninstalled and reinstalled the application so any other suggestions or help?

Hey there.


We just wanted to let you know that we've looked into this with the right folks now.


We are currently trying to resolve the issue. We don't have a timeframe for a fix, but we're really glad you let us know about this. If you have any other questions, just let us know!


Keep your app up-to-date and have a nice day 🙂


Moving it to SD Card is a temporary solution, no?  When Spotify app gets an update on the Play Store, it will move the app back to internal storage, and you'll have to keep on remembering to move the app back to SD Card. 


Spotify needs to address this ASAP.  I'm getting so many devices that are 'logged in', but it's actually the same device everytime I reboot.  No excuse this isn't fixed already.  Samsung phones in some ways = Android phones because they have the largest user base.  They need to fix this SD card issue once and for all.  I don't have this problem on Netflix downloads, etc.

This just occurred randomly, I didn't restart or do anything with my SD card and the app decided to switch over. This really needs to be fixed.

Samsung s9+

Android 9

Spotify version


Try to "Force Close" Spotify app before restart your device, and if you forget to "Force Close" just follow this step.

1. After restart, open Spotify App (Sometime all playlist will redownload and saved music changed to Internal Storage) 

2. Log Out your Account

3. Force Close, Clear Data and App Cache

4. Log in again

5. Check "Storage"

6. If changed to SD Card after you Log In again, Check storage status, you will find all your music changed to "cache" or "Downloaded"

7. And then re-sync all your music with your data/wifi on.

8. Dont forget to check "Offline Devices" and remove old devices (if you always log in/ log out)

I hope this is work for you too, for me this is works (Xiaomi Redmi 4X/Pixel Experience/Android Pie)


It's weird, I haven't had the issue in more than two or three weeks (I think a new app version has come out just before that), but suddenly today, it happens again!


For me it doesn't happen after booting, so the solution by maxvartuli is of no use. I tried everything else, the spotify support team has no other idea either, except for changing the SD card... (but if my sd card is broken why on earth is spotify the only app that has problems with it?).


It seems like spotify is too busy completely changing the user interface of their app for no reason every 3 months. So there's no resources for new useful functionality and bug fixing...

Did you eject the SD card with the phone on bigm?

I' ve this issue with my old phone because SD card was ejecting itself randomly, and the Spotify app (for some reason) can't handle SD card ausence (not even for a second). Spotify is the only app with this issue indeed.


Is there any ETA on the patch for this? It really bugs me, I'm unable to use Spotify in public transport. Considering cancelling the family membership and moving elsewhere...  😕


@JakoobCZ try to Force Close if you want to reboot your device. It works for me


@CodyRedfield Thanks for the suggestion Cody. Unfortunately, I sometimes run out of battery and at that moment about 16-18 GB of downloaded music is gone. Redownloading several times per month will kill the SD card for sure.


I hope Spotify will fix this soon, the inability to recover connection to the downloaded songs is causing all this trouble.


@JakoobCZ try this

After reboot and your playlist redownload again ( make sure redownloaded data change to Internal)

Delete Spotify data and cache, and then relogin. And after that, just resync all your playlist


@user-removedyou're right, when the sd card is ejected spotify immediately starts the re-downloading when the app is active. So the underlying issue might be as you described it.


So this sounds as it would be an easy fix to just have some internal retry counter with a short delay. Makes me wonder even more why they haven't addressed it yet as they're pushing updates out quite often and enough people have complained.